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Approved a list of 33 best players of the championship of Russia on football.

Recall that a team of Russia in the crop came in the fourth basket, along with teams from Turkey, Poland and France.

cart number 1. Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Greece.

cart number 2. Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden.

cart number 3. Romania, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

Masters Tournament - Switzerland and Austria will be the position of A1 and B1, respectively.

The draw will commence with the first basket, to fill the first position in all groups.

first ball will be removed from the first basket to determine the name of the first team in Group C. Then, from the first basket will vynut second ball, which will determine which team will head Group D.

continue to draw the fourth basket, then the third, and the second basket. The first ball of the fourth basket will go to Group A. In order to determine the position of command within the group, with lots will also pull the ball in the basket A (position A2, A3 and A4). The following command from the fourth to leave the basket in the group B. In order to determine the position of the team in the quartet, will be used in basket (position B2, B3 and B4).

The same procedure was repeated in groups C and D, until all the balls in the fourth basket would not be assigned to teams. Then, in the same way the balls will be distributed in the third and second baskets.

Technical Committee of the Russian Football Union (XRF) has approved a list of 33 best players of Russia in the championship cup, which was discussed at last week's Board XRF.

Goalkeepers: 1. A. Kinski ( "Saturn"), 2. Vladimir Gabulov (Kuban). 3. S. Pletikosa (Spartak M).

Rights Defenders: 1. Boris Ivanovich (Lokomotiv). 2. Alexander Anyukov (Zenit). 3. V. Berezutskiy (CSKA).

Right center back: 1. S. Ignashevich (CSKA). 2. D. Kolodin (Dynamo). 3. Robert Kovac (Spartak M).

Left center back: 1. J. Durica (Saturn). 2. M. Shtrantsl (Spartak M). 3. N. Lomberts ( "Zenith").

left defenders: 1. A. Berezutski (CSKA). 2. Kim Dong Jin (Zenit). 3. E. Spahic (Lokomotiv).

right Midfielders: M. Krasich (CSKA). 2. Vladimir Bystrov (Spartak M). 3. Ivanov ( "Saturn").

Backbones Midfielders: 1. A. Tymoshchuk ( "Zenith"). 2. Dmitry Khokhlov (Dynamo). 3. A. Igonin ( "Saturn").

Left Midfielders: 1. Yuri Zhirkov (CSKA). 2. D. Bilyaletdinov (Lokomotiv). 3. D. Torbinskiy (Spartak M).

Central Midfielders: 1. K. Zyryanov (Zenit). 2. E. Titov (Spartak M). 3. Igor Semshov (Dynamo).

right forwards: 1. Vagner Love (CSKA). 2. Roman Pavlyuchenko (Spartak M). 3. Danny (Dynamo).

left forwards: 1. A. Arshavin (Zenit). 2. Jo (CSKA). 3. Dmitry Sychev (Lokomotiv).

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