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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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The content of oil in the Kerch Straits and Tamansky - twice as much the norm.

In the Kerch Strait are continuing work to eliminate the effects of oil spills that occurred as a result of the collapse of the courts on 11 November. On the shoreline of Azov Sea collected over 30 tonnes of oily waste.

As a result of chemical analysis of samples of sea water, selected specialists Krasnodarsky Roshydromet Center on Nov. 25, in south-eastern part of the Azov Sea in an area st.Golubitskaya, Port Temryuk, Solovevskogo, Zozulievskogo and Kulikovskogo Arm, pos.Perekopka, as well as Black Sea region pos.Volna, Vityazevo, st.Blagoveschenskaya and g.Anapa, concentrations of dissolved petroleum products do not exceed a maximum permissible concentration for water fishery values.

elevated concentrations of petroleum products at 1,5-2 MACs are saved in the Kerch Strait and the Gulf of Taman.

In some places there has been re-contamination of previously cleared areas of shoreline.

With improved weather conditions, scheduled departure of a ship on the open waters of the Kerch Strait for the selection of bottom water samples. Sampling in the coastal zone in a regular mode.

Recall November 11 in the vicinity of the Kerch Strait as a result of storm winds (up to 32 m / s) and sea (6-7 points, the wave height - 5 meters) sank four vessel, frustrated with the anchors of the village and stranding six ships, damaged two oil tankers. As a result of shipwreck at sea fell about 1.2 tons of fuel oil and about 7 tons of sulfur. During the rescue operation rescued 35 crew members of ships, found the bodies of four dead, the fate of four people is unknown.

By the search and rescue and disaster management involved 1 473 people and 188 pieces of equipment.

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