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Topol has views of the "Sunny Square".

On Friday, regional library. Lermontov took the club interesting meetings next guest - Stavropolski artist Eugenia Kuznetsova ..

before the meeting in a small conference hall tesnovatom librarians, journalists and other judges of art brought knows his own worth, contact, polite, erudite and slightly valyazhny young man. He did not disappoint guests of the club, no matter which does not put him in a difficult situation. Each thought it showed vysokoduhovnoy aesthetic kind. However, the specifics of extraordinary elevated the role of Eugene has been translated into four paintings hanging in the room: "Judith," "Abraham," "Lady and the unfinished" The love for nature. " The latter, when it will dopisana, will take place in the Hall of a painting (just one) at the capital's representative exhibition "Neo-step."

At the time, paintings by well-known painter Malevich "Black Square" brought him worldwide fame.

Now a group of young local artists joined in a public organization called like, as opposed to "Sunny square. MOOH skeleton of young artists who live on the imaginary axis: Vologda-Moscow-Stavropol in Krasnodar.

Today Sunny Square combines a spirit of dozens of Russians and Belarusians as well as dozens of foreigners. President of the association is Vologzhanin Sergei Radyuk. Since 1995, MOOH presenting the best works of their authors on the major Russian and foreign exhibitions: the International Festival of Arts "Transit", the International Fair "Art Hall" and "Art Salon", held in Moscow, as well as organizing exhibitions voyage to the country -- Egypt, Belgium, Luxembourg, India, South Africa. The last of them - in Vietnam - was completed three weeks ago.

In memory of Eugene Indochina brought a stack of solid color photographs. But most importantly otlozhilos it somewhere deep in the subcortical layer of the brain. And now it has started to move in the form of sketches and an outline on paper. In the near future, some of his work will be able to directly or indirectly, to convey a Vietnamese uninitiated palette of colors, which could see the attentive eye wizard. They will become a byword for inner peace artist, elusive particle moment of Eternity.

Kuznetsov, never stands still, constantly improving its own unique style, and not long delayed at home (though very fond of his family, his city, province and country). Most of all he loves magical beauty of a severe North, where he was able to "spy" new shades and combinations of colors.

The famous Russian writer Eduard Topol expressed great interest in the beloved author of the painting "No music." However, it is not surprising. Many paintings are Eugenia in museums and private collections, including those abroad.

In addition to painting, from Eugene maloletstva been indifferent to the music. In muzuchilische not studied, but was coach at home. In support of this, he showed good possession duhovymi musical instruments - flute, and various dudkami - including those played on a simple manual pump. A break in the evening uslazhdal ears gathered romantic music compositions, performed on the piano. The son of Eugene, George, decided to continue the family dynasty. He is more like painting the father "a great warrior brotherhood", where "shows an interesting technique." His wife, Olga, also has a direct bearing on the art - beautiful teaches kids to draw and paint from 42-1 schools.

It is a pity only that the bulk of Kuznetsova and his fellow "ГіГЏГЊГЋГ…ГћГЋГЏГЌГ• Square Sergei Parshina stavropoltsy can only look at the slides so photos. Our same boundary museums buy "sunshine" picture astronomically difficult, though, can not translated yet patrons in Russia?


Stavropol independent newspaper "The key PLUS",  13 dated 27.3.1998

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