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Boris Kibirev: To use the Olympics to Sochi 1700-1800 will require the removal of land and houses.

There and barracks with hibarami, and built more recently these palaces.

for the construction of Olympic facilities and the Olympic infrastructure in Sochi 1700-1800 will require the removal of land and houses. These figures are the agency "All Sports" named deputy of the State Duma Boris Kibirev fourth convocation.

"Despite the adoption of the Olympic law that backup and recovery of land for the construction of Olympic facilities and the Olympic infrastructure is devoted an entire chapter - the third and most extensive, Problems can not be avoided - said Boris Kibirev. - Recently I was in Sochi, met in the city, and ordinary people, and learned that a seizure of land and the 1700-1800 tenure.

And the situation with the withdrawal would be different - from the struggle for a few hundred hard-earned to a frank rvachestva.

Fortunately, in the final Olympic law, as compared with the wording adopted in first reading, had been made a very important amendment. For example, it refers to the order of notice of withdrawal.

All notices will be registered, with a personal notice, a simple publication in the newspaper, as planned, it is not enough.

Also, the law is not the phrase "execution immediately." This can not be simply because there can be. Nevertheless, the complexity will be. Some concepts were very thin, they can be interpreted in different ways. And in this situation is very much dependent on local and regional authorities. They must be actively engaged in raising and explanatory work - for Citizens' Rights, the provisions of the law on the global challenges that will help decide the Olympic Games. Now, this work has very little. You can say it was not delivered. But I sincerely hope that the situation will change in the very near future. "

ruБорис Кибирев: Для нужд Олимпиады в Сочи потребуется изъятие 1700-1800 земельных участков и домовладений
deBoris Kibirev: Wenn Sie die Olympischen Spiele nach Sotschi 1700-1800 wird die Beseitigung von Grundstücken und Häusern.
esBoris Kibirev: Para utilizar los Juegos OlГ­mpicos de Sochi 1700-1800 requerirГЎ la remociГіn de tierras y casas.
frBoris Kibirev: Pour utiliser les Jeux olympiques de Sotchi 1700-1800 exigera le retrait des terres et des maisons.
itBoris Kibirev: Per utilizzare le Olimpiadi di Sochi 1700-1800 richiede la rimozione di terreni e case.

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