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Rostov narcologist: We need a federal program to combat alcoholism.

To say that deal with the problem of alcohol abuse should only doctors or policemen - correctly, said Rostov Narcology.

in the Rostov region over the past ten years, the number of people suffering from alcohol dependence, increased by 7,2%, but over the past three years - at 1.1%.

By the end of 2006, under the supervision of Narcologists were over 60 thousand people. About IA REGNUM informed the chief doctor of the Rostov region narkodispansera Helen baby.

These figures compared with the All is not the worst.

on indicators of morbidity and the number of patients with alcoholism, this disease Rostov Region is located on the 67 th and 59 th places respectively among the Russian regions.

At the request of the correspondent of IA REGNUM Malyshko commented Elena problems impeding alcoholisation people who have recently been discussed at the round table in the State Duma, in particular, the proposal to return to a system of compulsory treatment. She suggested that the medical-industrial preventoriums in the form in which they existed in Soviet times, have formed a negative attitude in society to the treatment and return to it should not. In addition, within 90 years had been lost and material resources of these institutions.

mechanism compulsory treatment of patients with alcoholism, there are now.

According to the law on mental health and art. 73 of the Criminal Code (probation), the decision to out-patient treatment of people should take the court.

This was preceded by several pre-trial procedures. In the court must be sent a statement from relatives of the patient and the treatment of police officers, professionals Narcologists and the social protection of the need to conduct a survey patient. Then have to decide on the need or not to treat people from alcohol abuse by force. In practice, such requests to the court did not happen.

Indeed, the fight in this trouble can be only through an integrated approach involving joint action by police, social protection and health care.

To resolve this issue at the state level, says Elena Malyshko, a federal program to combat alkogolizatsiey people, including a set of measures for prevention, treatment and social rehabilitation of patients.

to develop the legislative level of deputies of the State Duma, may be useful to listen to the opinion of practitioners: in the south of Russia are quite large narkodispansery, where experienced specialists stressed interlocutrix. This is not just about Rostov, but also the Stavropol, Krasnodar and Volgograd.

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