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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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In the Rostov region appears avtopredpriyatie 300 pieces of equipment.

On the territory of the company, which will occupy space 4 hectares, will be placed in the transport area, service station MAN and administrative building.

In Kamenske Shakhtinsk (Rostov region) on 14 November began construction of a road Ltd. 'YuzhTransAvto.

As news agency REGNUM in the press service Ltd. "YuzhTransAvto, total investment in the project in 2008 will be about 11 million euros.

funding for the project carries out a leasing company "MAN Finance" and Promsvyazbank. The total volume of investment funds for the development of the company until 2012 to be about 43.5 million euros.

Maximum capacity of the company's fleet of 300 units of trucks "MAN" and "KOEGEL", which intended to investors, will make the company one of the largest in the south and central part of Russia.

Completion of construction is planned in the third and fourth quarters of 2008. Established number of employees in 2008 will be about 110 people, but in the long run, by 2012 - 1 000.

The company will use the trucks of European producers of "MAN" and "KOEGEL". Logistics system will automate the processes of transport management at the dispatch center with the help of satellite navigation.

One of the objectives of the company - transport of products of "CC" RAPT "GC" Russian Wine Trest, Ltd. "REMZ, Ltd. TD ESTAR," and in the future - passenger transport between the cities of the Southern Federal District and Central Russia.

As noted during the presentation of the project, Mayor Michael Kamenska Shakhtinsk Dronov, wages for workers in enterprises will be high enough for the local level. "

According to the press service of the company, in choosing a site for construction companies has played its role as an advantageous geographical location Kamenska Shakhtinsk. The town lies at the crossroads of three federal trails: Rostov - Don (M-4), Lugansk - Volgograd (M-21) and Kharkov - Mines (M-19).

In today's event was attended by State Duma deputy Vadim Varshavsky (he, in particular, has a 100% stake in CJSC MirInvest Capital, one of the founders Ltd. "YuzhTransAvto), Vice-Minister of roads, transport and communications Rostov region, Vladislav Matsugin, director, Ltd." YuzhTransAvto "Brustovsky Kirill, head of the company" KOEGEL "Edward South, director of sales" MAN Automobiles Russia Alexander Tsesar, Mayor Michael Kamenska Shakhtinsk Dronov.

Help. Ltd. "YuzhTransAvto was established in April 2007 to address the problems of transportation of goods belonging to different groups of products. Its founders are JSC "Investment Company" MirInvest "and" CC "RAPT (Russian Agricultural Trust).

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