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For nine months, investment in Stavropol doubled.

In January - September 2007 enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership to invest in the development of the economy and social sphere of the city of Stavropol 9.7 billion rubles.

During January - September 2007 enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership to invest in the development of the economy and social sphere of the city of Stavropol 9.7 billion rubles. that two times more than during the same period of 2006 year.

As reported November 13, a correspondent of IA REGNUM in the press service of the regional administration center, said this today at a meeting of the Administration Committee, Director of Economic Development and Trade of the city administration Stavropol Alexander Durnev. He noted that the growth rate of investment in the city's economy is much higher than srednekraevoy, which amounted to 11,8%.

in Stavropol for January - September 2007 was put into operation 88,2 thousand square meters. m of housing. As per one thousand residents have been put into operation 800.8 square meters of residential space, that in 3,3 times higher srednekraevogo indicator.

In ranking administrative centers in the Southern Federal District in terms of input housing per capita in 2007, Stavropol, took second place, and in 2006 was in third place.

As noted by Alexander Durnev, this result was achieved through the process of mortgage lending. The volume of outstanding loans for the purchase of the public housing mortgage scheme has increased during the year more than doubled.

According to the commercial banks, the amount of outstanding mortgage loans in the population of this year amounted to about 2 billion rubles.

Food in Stavropol increased by 20,6%, production of publications, printing products and manufacturing products made of cardboard - by 55,7%, chemical industry, including the production of medicines - at 31,8%, manufacture of electrical, electronic and optical equipment - by 29.8%, production of vehicles and equipment - by 27.3%.

In 2006, the amount of investment in industrial production amounted to 1.1 billion rubles.

In the current year is expected at the same level of investment, and by 2010, output is projected to increase by 22-24%.

During nine months of 2007, retail trade turnover amounted to 51.8 billion rubles, which is 17.8% more than in the corresponding period of 2006. The population of paid services rendered through all sales channels to 10.3 billion rubles, or 3.5% over the corresponding period in 2006. The volume of paid services to the population, according to Alexander Durneva to grow at 4-6% per year.

projected economic development of the city committee in 2008 - 2010 years of prices and tariffs for paid services will continue to rise faster than incomes.

Inflationary pressure has a monopolization of the market for utility services, and a high degree of wear of the housing and communal services. In 2008, the tariffs will grow by 17% in 2009 - 18% in 2010 - 19%.

average monthly wage of employees of large and medium-sized enterprises of the city in January - August 2007 increased by 24.8% and amounted to 10 thousand 225,6 ruble. Real wage growth, taking into account the consumer price index was 15.9%.

As concluded at the meeting, Alexander Durnev, in 2008 - 2010 years, further stable development of economy and, consequently, the annual increase in tax payments of enterprises and organizations of cities in the 9-10%.

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