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By Emergency bridge made political force. Overview of Rostov media.

After a crack was discovered in the construction of the bridge for three days, it was a technical solution for its repair.

"Gazeta Dona" last week in the publication "Veryat rostovchane whether Putin?" (October 31) by placing "the issue of an edge," asked that people think about rostovchane published income head of state.

In 2006, Vladimir Putin has earned a total of 2 million 11 thousand 611 rubles.

Of 9 published responses to the seven - doubt about the fact that the president is actually so little work.

reply essentially boils down to this: "Of course, earns more! A formal and there. In any case, I like Vladimir."

newspaper Izvestia. South "(1 November," Putin's plan: the development of Russia as a sovereign state - a response to the challenges of the era of globalization ") continued to discuss" Plan Putin. "

published by the CEC on the earnings of candidates to the State Duma counted "Vedomosti. South of Russia" (November 1, news) and MP - to - Don "(November 1, Nominee "EdRa" travels to the "Ferrari").

Candidates from the United Russia look better than candidates from other parties.

According to newspaper articles, last week to communicate with population Regional Fair Russia. " On two of its shares have written the newspaper Trud-Don "(1 November," How to help diabetes? "And" Crossing, crossing ...") and AiF - on-Don "(" In the comic action - a serious problem " 31 October). The first publication reported on the meeting of the State Duma of Russian Federation Mikhail Yemelyanova activists diabetic society.

Two other material have reported that two youth wing of the party "Fair Russia" - "Justice League" and "Victory" was held in Rostov, the reliance Voroshilovskogo bridge shutochnuyu share. Young people came out with posters: "Bring back the bridge", "will help - as can," "Crossing."

"Some young to parties wore flippers and goggles for swimming, thus portraying does not seem to be a really fantastic opportunity: the residents left, Batayska and Azov may have no choice but how to get to Rostov swimming", -- writes the newspaper.

Participants called on the authorities to - more quickly to solve the transportation problem has arisen.


"Our Time" (November 1, "The strategy of the country born in the regions)," Izvestia. South (November 1, three-year budget of the Rostov region would be approved, taking into account the income growth ") described the parameters of a three-year budget of the Rostov region, which was considered on second reading last week's Legislative Assembly of the region.

Publications provides commentary, Vice-Governor Ivan StanisBavova on the socio-economic development of the area.

He said that most of the oblbyudzheta will address social issues, described the investment policy of the authorities.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta. South of Russia" (October 31, news).

"Farmers are not to blame for an increase in the prices of socially important food products", said at a meeting of the AP the area of the Governor Vladimir Chub.

"We need to take a set of social measures to stabilize prices, and stifle the farmer for what he was earning - wrong. Sometimes the villagers earn less than the pensioners", - said Don governor. In his view, the current situation with the increase in food prices "distorted." The Governor proposed in the future, with the support of farmers, to conclude their agreement on the need to negotiate a possible price increase with the regional authorities.

newspaper quoted a regional chapter, which will also deal with the "management is occurring in trade, where the margin for the socially important food products to 40%."

Priazovsky region "(November 1, Vodokanal obankrochen") in the city water supply Zverevo leads the order, it occurs after the regional administration was made possible after the order APO, this regional vodokanalu Don VC South.

Dorinda Company opened its second hypermarket O'Key "in Rostov-on-Don.

This told the newspaper Kommersant-south "in the publication" O'Key doubled in Rostov-on-Don. " The newspaper reported that the amount of investment in this project amounted to 900 million rubles. The new hypermarket O'Key is located at the site of 7.3 hectares in the western residential area of city. Area shopping hall is 8.9 thousand sq. m. The range of products includes 35 thousand units, about 70% - food products group, and the rest - items for home, clothing and footwear. In the aspect of the price range of goods hypermarket O'Key has traditionally represented segments of economy-class and middle-price category.

With reference to the department for the coordination of trade, Ministry of Economy of "Kommersant - South said that in future the company plans to open several supermarkets in the cities of Rostov region, particularly in Taganrog and Volgodonsk. In addition, Kommersant - the south, soon a similar format stores planned to open in the city of St. Petersburg and the French Auchan "Ribbon."

newspaper reflect the views of market analysts, who believe that coming to the region, several large domestic and foreign food retailers will not lead to greater competition between them, as for millions of current number of city they are not enough.

optimal number of hypermarkets - 5-7, it is in Rostov must open at least 3-4 shopping complex.

Newspaper Town N "(24-30 October, the authority) has reported that, thanks to electronic trading system in 2007, managed to save 1.7 billion rubles. consolidated budget of the area. This newspaper reported head of the German Ministry of Economy Lopatkin procurement.

Newspapers "Rossiyskaya Gazeta. South of Russia" (31 October, "Headache of drugs) and Komsomolskaya Pravda - Rostov (" After the products in Rostov went medicines (October 29) reported that in most pharmacies city prices for drugs, primarily a means of colds and flu, had increased by almost 50 per cent.

"MP - Rostov" quoted a staff member of one of the pharmacy networks Rostova: "Actually, this is not the pharmacies have raised prices, and suppliers and manufacturers."

newspaper quoted the head of the department regulating non-tariff area of regional services on Tariffs Rostov region Irina Garkovenko: "If this is just a conspiracy of pharmacies, we will be able to influence them. If prices lifted producers , it is not. In fact, no reason, contributing to higher prices, no. "

"AiF-on-Don" (October 31, "Do" The Panama Canal "YUFO?") described the opinion of Don authorities for the project of building the second branch of Volga - Don canal. Governor Vladimir Chub, writes "AiF-on-Don, accepted the arguments in favor of the project. The paper reflects the opinions of Rostov scientist on the project of Eurasia. " He believes that the project will lead to negative consequences for the Azov Sea and the region's ecology.

"Hammer" (October 30, "government price") tells of measures to regulate the prices of products by regional and city authorities.

newspaper wrote: "The prices of products can and should regulate - even in a market economy.

At president Don representatives of the authorities have responded by organizing a special fair. "

As is evident from the report from the fair in Rostov: prices are indeed low. "Such fairs - a response to the administration of the region spurt in food prices. On the organization of fairs problems have arisen. Sellers provide very favorable conditions of work", said "Hammer."

"Week of the Don" (November 1, prices stop rising as yeast? ")," Our Time "(October 31," Who is to blame and what should I do? ")," Town N "(26-30 October, the power) reported that the first deputy. Minister of Economy RO Sergei Kurdyumov told at a press conference on the rise in prices and the measures taken by provincial authorities for their management. He noted that the authorities failed to conduct a policy of administration, and have a policy of dialogue. "

"MP-on-Don" (October 31, "Price" frozen ", but products continue to get up"), "Farmer" (October 31, news) will continue to monitor the situation with higher prices for products.

"MP-on-Don noted that the agreement between obladministratsiey and a number of commercial networks are not implemented by all and not all positions.

"City of N" (24-30 October) reported that in the Rostov region has a plan to train staff working for up to three years. Education Minister Igor Guskov area said that a solution to this problem area spend 700 million rubles.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta. South of Russia" (October 31, "Change for the pediatrician") described the issue of health care schools and childcare facilities area.

At a kindergarten in 1281 accounted for only 80 SC doctors and 439 nurses

They are staff members of medical institutions. The newspaper informs that low salaries of medical school.

newspaper "Hammer" (October 30, "to improve water stanitsa Razdorskaya) reported that 10-odd km. water supply systems overhauled in stanitsa Razdorskaya Ust-Donetsk region. Repairs will not only greatly improve the water supply pages, but also increase the number of podvory with water from 400 to 500. It is noted that the reconstruction of the aqueduct in Razdorskaya is fulfilling the promise of the Vice-Governor Ivan StanisBavova given to them during visits to pages in 2005 reported that the reconstruction has been provided about 8 million rubles. from the regional budget.


main topic of many publications this week, remained closed the main bridge across the Don Rostov - Voroshilovskogo.

of the projected timing of completion of the repair wrote newspaper Dona "(promise to fix the bridge. Neskoro, 31 October)," AiF-on-Don ( "The bridge was closed, 31 October)," Russian Newspaper . South of Russia "(November 1," hub ")," Priazovsky region "(November 1, news)," Week of the Don "(November 1, news)," Evening Rostov (October 31, "How are you doing on the bridge"), " Our Time "(October 31," Fast. Faster ")," City of N "(" Otsluzhil, 24-30 October). In the publications reported that the deputy. Governor, minister of road management, transport and communications field Jivan Vartanian held planerku in place for the reconstruction of Voroshilovskogo bridge.

works are presented in three shifts. Deputy. Governor noted that renovation Voroshilovskogo bridge is monitored by the Governor. "The Ministry of Emergency Situations, it was decided to urgently start to work, not announcing the auction, so as not to lose time. I would like to reassure and rostovchan, and all residents of the area - is scheduled to open the movement of pedestrians and passenger cars by the end of November, but the whole motion to restore the New Year "- the newspaper quoted the minister of highways in the region.

The article "AiF-on-Don (" The bridge was closed, 31 October) as, inter alia, states: "Repair Voroshilovskogo bridge clearly demonstrated how much depends on him the lives of millions of the city. And forced to wonder why on the technical condition of the bridge did not pay due attention to before. "

"KP Rostov" (October 31, "Five naive questions about Voroshilovskom Bridge") says that with the closure of the bridge traffic was the problem concerns the hundreds of thousands of people. The newspaper asked: "How much will the repairs cost?". Writes "KP - Rostov, officials for the mistakes will cost taxpayers, not only Rostov (subject to financial participation in the repair of the regional administration), but residents of other cities in the region. Alternative solutions ferry residents to work in the suburb of Rostov suggested Gazette Rostov evening (29 October, "Rostov vyruchat pontoon bridges"). The newspaper published a proposal by its readers - rostovchanina Vdovina - Establish crossing Don using pontoon bridges. To do this, the city administration should go to the command of SCWO.

"MP-on-Don (29 October, news) issued a schedule of repairs Voroshilovskogo bridge.

newspaper writes that the repairs will require 80 million rubles.

The publication noted that the ferry crossing to work in the evening is not on schedule, but on the quay on the left bank of the passengers waiting for taxi drivers (800 rubles to Azov), buses and √Н√Б√Т√Ы√Т√Х√Ф√П√Л not. "Week of the Don" (November 1, "Suburban routes - a new") provides information on the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Communication on the field they developed in conjunction with the Office of Transport Rostova scheme commuter routes using Aksajskogo and West Bridge over the River Don.

newspaper Southern Federal (October 31, "The closure of the bridge as an indicator of capacity") assesses the situation with the closure of the bridge Voroshilovskogo in Rostov. According to the newspaper, caused a problem demonstrated unwillingness of local authorities and transport structures to create "emergency situations".

The publication marked a bad job of city authorities to inform the public about the changes of public transport routes and, in general, neprodumannost of a temporary connection between the Rostov and nearby cities.

newspaper, "Our Time" (October 30, "Ruble to dream") spoke about the traffic problem that has arisen in Batayske because of an emergency condition Voroshilovskogo bridge. Reaching to Rostov for the passengers became more expensive.

Another transportation problem rostovchan marked newspaper KP Rostov "in the publication of 29 October (news). She reported that after the innovation of local authorities - boarding passengers in the city of Rostov transport through the front door, the cases of injury, recorded just one fatal case. Traffic police deployed in the area of the city Department of Transportation warning about the need to repeal the decision or retrofitting buses.

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