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Governor Kubany not entered in the number of millionaires candidate in the State Duma.

The annual income of the Krasnodar Territory Governor Alexander Tkachev, of 915 thousand 121 rubles, that amount includes payments for work.

10 of the 15 candidates for deputies of the State Duma of the Krasnodar Territory in the list of United Russia are millionaires. The highest income among the Kuban edinorossov is State Duma deputy Gleb Khor. He makes 49 million 55 thousand 157 rubles - is paying for the work and dividends. In addition, the property of the candidate are two parcels of 5.5 thousand square meters. meters in the Moscow region, three apartments - in the Moscow area of 175.6 sq. km. meters, the Moscow region an area of 77 sq. km. meters and Ukraine, an area of 146 sq. km. meters, the car-passenger Lexus 300 (2005 release) and GAZ-310290 (1995 release). Also, the choir shares owned joint-stock company "Transneft", JSC "Uralsvyaz-inform", RAO UES, OAO Gazprom, OAO Shkom "JSC VTB, Ltd." Vitas "Ltd." Explorer 2000 "Ltd," Kommersant " .

Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev, according to the CEC, the number of millionaires is not included. His annual income is 915 thousand 121 rubles, that amount includes payments for work. Money deposits, stocks and other securities in Tkachova not. In addition, the Governor does not have a Cuban land, houses, apartments or villas. The leader Kubany Only car GAZ-3110 (1998 release).

with representatives from regional authorities, candidates in the State Duma, ahead of the governor of Kuban Revenue for the year only to the Legislative Assembly Chairman Vladimir region Beketov. He received for the year 1 million 386 thousand rubles entitlements at work, income from educational activities and funds from the sale of the car. In addition, he has a land area of 1 thousand square meters. meters, flat area 173 sq. km. meters and the garage area of 23 sq. km. meters, the car, Toyota Land Cruiser station wagon (2006 release).

secured most of the Kuban candidates from the Communist Party is Dmitry Shishov. His annual income exceeds 25 million 166 thousand 934 rubles. The sources of such income is income from shares and securities, income from investments. The candidate owns shares of OAO Novoroshlebkonditer, JSC Chernomormebel ", OJSC" Novorossiysk Shipyard, Ltd. "Slastena, OOO Vympel. He opened an account in Sberbank of Russia and Investsberbank.

total of 17 people included in the list of regional parties, only four have an income of over 1 million rubles. In addition to Dmitry Shishova, Ltd. is the president of South-Nefteprodukt "Waha Agaev (the income of 1 million 253 thousand 610 rubles), State Duma deputy Boris Kibirev (1 million 284 thousand 835 rubles), in addition to receiving payment for work and pension income from deposits , the commercial director of "CB-AIS Paul Sokolenko (1 million 558 thousand 702 rubles).

Among the candidates from the LDPR in the Krasnodar region, only one millionaire - Assistant State Duma deputy Vladimir Ambalov. His annual income amounts to 1 million 113 thousand 309 rubles. These funds are derived from payments for work and the sale of property. In addition, the candidate owns two land area of 500 and 547 square meters. meters in Adygea, house area of 152 sq. km. meters and an area of 38 square meters apartment. m. in the Krasnodar region, as well as testimony in Adygea, and the two cars Ford Fusion "(2005 release) and the Ford Fiesta" (2005 release).

Also in Kuban from the LDPR list included two people whose annual income amounted to 0 rubles - is the individual entrepreneur Azat Valiev and assistant attorney Krasnodar Regional Bar Association Alexander Kropachyov.

highest annual income among the candidates from the "Fair Russia", is the general director of "FEC" GAZINVEST Victor Kurpitko. It is 222 million 90 918 thousand rubles. These funds are derived from Ltd. "FEC" GAZINVEST, Ltd. "Commercial and industrial company" Delta ", the sale of property and income from investments. The candidate owns two stations in the Moscow region an area of 1.5 thousand and 1 thousand square meters. meters, the house and two apartments in the Moscow area, cars LEXUS RX300 (2004 release) and VAZ-21093 (1993 release).

at kuban spravedlivorossov appear on the list of seven millionaires, and two people whose income is equal to zero.

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