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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Rostov arbitration court declared the contract concluded between the investment "PIK-Region" and "RotYag.

October 11, the Arbitration Court of the Rostov region issued a decision on the counter-claims of "PIK-Region" and "RotYag.

Court considered the case of the claim JSC PIK-Region "to the LLC Construction Company RotYag" on the performance of obligations under the treaty investment (object - Rostov-on-Don, Temernik (building 1 spot -- 13) and counterclaim UK Ltd. "RotYag" the recognition of contract investment nezaklyuchennym. As reported, the court dismissed the claims of both sides, therefore, investment contract held by a court concluded.

Construction of houses in the Rostov-on-Don (Temernik (construction spot 1-13) started in 2003. builder of a company RotYag, investor - "PIK-Region . Construction is scheduled for spring 2006. In the future timing of putting the houses were moved to the spring of 2007. According to conclude investment contract between the developer and investor, "PIK-Region" financed the construction of houses at an estimated cost of construction specified in the contract.

But in the future, said, the company RotYag attempted to refute in court the essence of the contract between it and the company "PIK-Region", as well as to challenge the act was signed by the parties for the mutual.

In recognition of the investment contract signed between the companies, the JSC PIK-Region "there is reason to require the UK" RotYag "fulfill its obligations to the JSC "PIK-Region" and co-investors. As stated in the Joint-Stock Company "PIK-Region", the company intends to appeal the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Rostov region in the appellate court in refusing to meet the requirements of the transfer of the defendant and residential garages.

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deRostov Gericht erklärte den Vertrag zwischen der Investition "PIK-Region" und "RotYag.
esRostov tribunal arbitral declaró resuelto el contrato celebrado entre la inversión "PIK-Región" y "RotYag.
frRostov tribunal d'arbitrage a déclaré le contrat conclu entre l'investissement "PIK-Région" et "RotYag.
itRostov tribunale arbitrale ha dichiarato il contratto concluso tra l'investimento "PIK-Regione" e "RotYag.

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