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Rostov Region celebrates its 70 th birthday.

In the Rostov Musical Theater September 13, with 15 hours of celebrations are held on the 70 years of education the region.

head of the region and other officials will present the people of the region deserved awards. In the theater festival is held in honor of the anniversary. The festival will continue the concert.

As news agency REGNUM in the press service of the Administration of Rostov Region in the jubilee celebrations, which take place from 12 to 16 September, taking part of official delegations and representatives of business communities of neighboring entities Southern Federal District and the foreign partners of the Rostov region.

From tomorrow (September 14) until Sunday (September 16) at Don continue celebrations.

An official reception for the participants of celebrations, gala concert with the best bands the area, as well as the concert of "Young rostovchane - the beloved city."

Help. September 13 - the official date of the Rostov region. On this day in 1937, the Azov-Black Sea region was divided into the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region. For 70 years the population of the area has increased almost twice and reached 4 million 400 thousand people. At this rate the region is on the fifth place in Russia.

As the pace of economic transformation and the output of goods and services area, took a leading position in the Southern Federal District.

In today's production for industry and agriculture are roughly equal proportion - 32 to 35%. The rest of the structure represented by the construction industry (10%) and transport and communication (5-6%) complexes, trade (5%).

able-bodied population is about 70% of the total. The level of education of the population in the economically active age is rather high. Thus, at 1 000 specialized secondary education are 300, general secondary education - 400, incomplete secondary education - 87 and higher - 190, incomplete higher - 12.

later, 70 years after the founding of the field has increased the number of "passport" Russians. According to statistics, on-Don is inhabited by 100 nations. Russian account for 90% of the population of the Rostov region. Second place in number, like 70 years ago, took the Ukrainians. But they still have ten times less - only 3.4%. Virtually no change in the number of Armenians and Belarusians.

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