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Don MPs prepare mortgage amnesty for families with children.

Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region offered to write off the debts of the regional mortgages for young families in which children were born.

As news agency REGNUM in the press service of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, the proposal was made at a joint meeting of two committees - the Committee on Information and Youth Policy, relations with political parties, public associations, Cossacks, and inter-parliamentary cooperation and the Committee for Construction , housing and communal services and road complex.

Deputies discussed the draft regional law on amendments to the regional law "On the regional target program of providing state support for citizens to acquire housing in the Rostov region, 2006-2010" at first reading .

The law refers to the employees of the public sector who are involved in housing programs, the regional administration with the use of mortgage schemes.

proposed addition to the program: the birth of her first child with a young family is automatically deducted 25% of the debt for housing, after the birth of second child - 50%, the third and subsequent - 100% debt . The draft takes into account the interests of those families in which children already have (as opposed to a federal program that gives the "mother's capital" only those mothers who gave birth after 1 January 2007, and the capital needed to wait for three years). In the event of changes in the first reading in the regional budget for future years and the program will be made on the demography of adjustments.

not spared attention deputies and another challenge participants Regional mortgage.

This is a budget subsidies for housing employees of the public sector for the period from 2003 to 2007. Recently, the tax authorities initiated the procedure for the recognition of budgetary subsidies granted to regional byudzhetnikam, income tax, to be assessed on fines and penalties. In doing so, the recipients of subsidies in 2007 and subsequent years of such sanctions released. Proposed amendments deputies offer equal rights to those who long ago received a grant, and those to whom she is charged.

MPs debated the issues approved by the committees and will be made at 48 th session of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, which will be held on September 18.

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