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The dream came true!.

Russia's basketball team for the first time in its history, won the champion of Europe. In the final championship wards Blatta David defeated the favorite, and the owner of the competition, the Spanish national team, with the score 60:59.

Andrei Kirilenko acknowledged as the best player of the tournament and forward.

main task of the Russian team at the European Championship - getting to the Olympics in Beijing - has been implemented yet in the semifinals. But all the players, coaches and team knew that fans expect from them in the final match, only the victory, the chances to get that, despite the full force of the Spanish team that was good. And a team Blatta before the match was not such a psychological burden of responsibility for the outcome (win - miracle lose - Well done anyway), in contrast to an opponent who defeated in their walls hardly anyone would be attributed to the asset. By virtue of this team to Russia to play its game, because to lose, in fact, it was nothing.

motivation for both teams was ÐÒÅÄÏÓÔÁÔÏÞÎÏ.

Spaniards went out five times in the final of the European Championship, and all five times less stronger opponent.

Naturally, all in Spain coveted adjourn at home floor this unpleasant tradition.

With regard to our team, the Russia national team only once - in 1993 - fought for the gold medal and also ceded - В«abuserВ» our team in the memorable match was the German team.

To prepare for the match, the time which left very little, the coaching staff was excellent material in the form of meeting the second group stage, where we Spaniards have given way with the score 69:81. Now we can say that this defeat was more valuable than it was a victory because it possible to identify their mistakes and choose the appropriate tactics for the game. However, in the first minute of the match to set the game gave way to emotions.

beginning of the first quarter is issued for the Russian team is very difficult. Our team decided pomeritsya with the Spanish basketball team in speed, resulting in a crash at the start. Account opened Fernandez accurate shots from outside the arc, the team leader of Russia Andrei Kirilenko responded phenomenal shots from above, while earning a foul.

Next zavedennye team players began to play in Russia dogonyalki with the Spanish team, which obviously meant to release the white flag.

All would be nothing, but only in Spanish, each player is ready to get out of any situation, and the Trust Blatta of only one. That's posypalis in our basket trehochkovye that led to dvuznachnomu perevesu in the first half of a quarter - 15:4.

Alexei Savrasenko fought on equal terms with the Spanish basketball idol Paul Gazolem / / Reuters

Blatt rushed to cool the zeal he took time out on the bench and usadiv Samoilenko, which was the most coming from the Russians, releasing instead a more balanced and experienced Pashutin. However, the Russian team that does not work. Trust Blatta sometimes lacked simplicity in the conclusion of the attack, making good half shots letela past. Of the eight treochkovyh we realized only one, the Spaniards also consistently hit the ring of Russians because of the arc, gradually clear of Team Russia.

At 18:8, the long-range shot Monie eventually achieved his goal. However, the Spaniards immediately responded exact penalty Gazolya and dvuhochkovym Cabezas, then at 22:11, the whistle sounded at the break.

In the second quarter of Team Russia was able to work on mistakes and make a solid defensive wall, adding that in the attack.

In the end the first half of the second desyatiminutki to win with the score 8:3. Soon, however, four minutes before the end of the Spaniards their precise trehochkovymi newly installed dvuznachnuyu difference in the bill - В«+10В».

But the Russians have not yet passed and aggressively went to their goal. As a result, the big break the Spaniards are not expected from a team Blatta pryti left, leading into account only three points - 34:31. At the beginning of the third quarter of owners championship once again managed to escape ahead - В«+6В». But our team has not ceased to struggle, not losing hope to catch up with rivals.

Gradually, small steps Russians time and again tread the way to the first title in their history, showing that incredible dedication.

two minutes before the end of a quarter Kirilenko for anything was a personal comment, and a fourth went to rest. But the loss leader razzadorila only Russians, who have given phenomenal segment (10:0!), Which continued in the fourth quarter. The third quarter also ended with the score 49:46.

final quarter started with the exact trehochkovogo Pashutin, resulting in the account was the same. And the next shot Holden for the first time in this match, brought forward Russia - 51:49. Spaniards are not at a joke zavolnovalis. Paul Gazol, an icon of Spanish basketball, even committed probezhku that could, perhaps, ÐÒÉÓÎÉÔ�ÓÑ only in a dream. However, towards the end of the hosts calmed down a bit. Gazol the fifth attempt to score with a penalty, and the Spaniards took the «+5» for 1:49 until the end.

And here Team Russia committed miracle.

Initially Kirilenko excellent way earned a foul, and managed two penalty throws and then he obokral opponent in the attack and made a pass at Morgunova, which has reduced by up to one point - 59:58. Spaniards took the timeout, but were unable to organize an effective attack. The Russians are using all the 24 th seconds, was played in the protection and Holden zabrosil victorious two points. On the attack from the Spaniards remained two seconds. Gazol managed to get the ball, but has not got the ring.

Team Russia for the first time and sensationally became European champion! The title of best player of the tournament-2007 European championship in basketball out a Russian team leader Andrei Kirilenko, also received the title of the best forward!

/ / Pavel Krasnov

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