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The Supreme Court appointed izbirkom.

There was a point in the conflict around the vote Stavropol. With the decision of the Supreme Court of В«United RussiaВ» beat В«FairВ» the right of actual control over the electoral commission.

On Friday, the Supreme Court upheld the legality of actions of CEC of Russia in the formation of district election commissions Stavropol. Stavropolskie spravedlivorossy appealed to the Supreme court against the CEC last week, after the Central Election Commission has appointed held the first meeting and elected a chairman, recommended from Moscow.

At the meeting of the Supreme Court on Friday stavropolskie spravedlivorossy tried to prove that formed part of its electoral commission, without violation of the law, therefore, have the right to be composed of the regional vote, candidates have been delegated local parliament. The Supreme Court heeded the arguments spravedlivorossov, but the decision had still not in their favor, citing the fact that all the deadlines for the formation of vote had passed, and further delaying the situation could lead to the disruption of elections of deputies of the State Duma of Stavropol Territory. В«The court agreed with us, but referred to the timing of forming the election committee, so we have no choice but to how to accept that decision. We are still confident that this legal chaos, but such was the decision of the State, with whom we have to be В», - commented on the Court's decision in an interviewВ« Gazete.Ru В»Stavropol Duma Deputy Speaker Mikhail Kuzmin.

Edinorossy, of course, were satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Council.

В«Spravedlivorossy accuse all - a regional power, the CEC, the state authorities do not understand how this situation can work. Each of their interests, but he likes it or not, have to live with the izbirkomom, which formed the CEC and confirmed by the Supreme Court В», - expressed his opinion the head of the district election commission Stavropol edinoross Boris Diakonov.

Thus, today was a point in the fight edinorossov of executive authority in the province, and В«eserovВ», winners in local parliamentary elections, the formation of Stavropolski vote. The confrontation lasted two months.

In early summer, according to the legislation, their representatives in the commission delegated Governor Alexander Montenegro, representing the interests of В«United RussiaВ», and the regional Duma, controlled by В«Fair RussiaВ». However, the courts have recognized both sides of the vote is not legitimate. Later, however, the Stavropol regional court sided В«eserovВ», the decision of the City Court regarding the recognition of the illegal part of the Duma committee. Meanwhile, the CEC because of the complexity of the situation in early August, has identified all 14 members of the commission for its decisions and appointed head of the regional vote. CEC actually confirmed edinorossovsky list of the governor and fundamentally changed the parliamentary part of the list, with the result that a clear advantage in izbirkome get to the В«United RussiaВ». Their actions CEC explained that the ongoing crisis in relations between the two branches of the regional authorities could disrupt elections in the State Duma, and to deprive voters of their constitutional right to participate in the elections. Stavropolskie spravedlivorossy, angry legal lawlessness on the part of the CEC, sent a complaint to the Supreme Court. They are not helped.

/ / Elina Bilevskaya

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