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Voices from the wall outlet.

American box-office: В«ShrekВ» put records on the east coast of rain, where hidden flying saucer.

Ogre, chelovekoobraznoe insect, zombies, maniac and backfisch - the hit parade of hopes and nightmares solvent parts of the population of America this week. Look in the eyes of monsters - and you'll see the numbers with many zeros. All, however, are quite nice, even female tineydzher - is the force of art and the power of cinema, able to turn into something acceptable any ÖÕÔ�.

In the first place, of course, В«Shrek the ThirdВ». Reporting on all kinds of records set vybivayuschimi В«Odu to JoyВ» cash machines, the news agency did not forget to report on the В«conflicting reviewsВ», of the film. The reasons that prompted 18 million Americans visit kinoseansy with huge green, called, in particular, the rain, covered the east coast, and a pleasant 92 minutes in length, to withstand this film, the weak and small.

A little more, and came to referring to the votes of electrical sockets, gently but insistently persuader Americans go headlamps euey headlamps.

fact, however, remains a fact: 122 million for the first weekend, plus another nine hundred thousand in the night from Thursday to Friday in the preliminary impressions. This is the third place in the history of counts after the third В«spidermanВ» and other В«Pirates of the CaribbeanВ». Have contributed and we are, although the list of countries where the В«ShrekВ» released in conjunction with the American premiere, looks like a geographer obezumevshego report on the possible location of flying plates: Russia, Ukraine, Romania and the Philippines. Together with the Ukrainian, Romanian and Filipino brothers, we have added 13.3 million in cash desk DreamWorks Animation. We should not say that in Romania, too, it rained: the movie was much better than might be expected, the rough common sense and loyalty to the native swamp understood anywhere in the world.

death of King-frog will go down in history as the longest and komichnaya agony since the drowning of Leonardo di Caprio in В«Titanic В».

Shrek - our hero.

in second place just flat В«Spider-ManВ», waiting for this week's strike mercy of Jack Sparrow. Charges in cinemas compared with last week fell by half, but still amounted to 28.5 million strong. All the story about the attractiveness of evil, even for insects collected in America, 281.9 million and 747 million worldwide. Zapotevshie from the love of Peter Parker's glasses, the fury of a man-sand crucifix and the temptation - this music will be eternal, if we do not change the insecticide.

In third place zombies from В«28 weeks laterВ», to everyone's surprise, since the success of living to eat two weeks in succession. Sequel tape Danny Boyle made hmurym ispantsem Fresnadiyo, already so good that he killed in unpeople London saved Robert Carlyle.

Generally speaking, it should be noted that the confidence of the British in their own future, to strive for zero - all of these zombies, and the orders of fascist from В«vendettaВ» and В«human ChildВ» adjust to the most pessimistic mood.

Total charges - 18.6 million.

the fourth В«ParanoyyaВ» about neighbor-maniac. A total of six weeks, the film has collected no longer small 71,3 million. Each of the audience has every right to say: В«Who paranoia? I have a paranoia? No, I am just wondering what makes this crazy is hosting for the curtains ... В»

And finally, the girl-boy. The film, in which the Jane Fund and Felicity Huffman have to play along with Linsdey Lohan, is in itself a oruellovskim nightmare. All pretend as if nothing has noticed: 12.6 million in two weeks.

Text: В«Park of CultureВ»

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