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Spanish delight fell from his chair.

It seems that the young dancers stavropolskie, won its region, have decided to immediately bring to mind Europe.

In recent days, from Spain, with his first tour (before were only victory in international competitions) arrived Folk Ensemble Modern Dance «Fantasy».

Actually, and invited girls on tour, they saw fire dancing at one of the competitions. However, if the creative competition to show two or three rooms, then to tour «Fantasia» was put condition to prepare a concert of the two offices. But as the repertoire of the group of about half the original dance, half of them - 25 - and became the basis of a show-program «New Year's Tale».

- We were made in six cities in Spain - says the head of the permanent «Fantasia» Elena Zinchenko. - It Zamora, Tarazona, Almagro (the birthplace of Don Quixote), Chinchon, Alfas del Pi and Balaguer. I must say that Spaniards are accustomed to, basically, to the folk dance - as their own, and other nations. And come to them on a tour or folk or classical ensembles. And then - a new phenomenon for them. Modern dance with elements of acrobatics, the rapid pace we have brought here first.

And if the usual for them «Russian dance», «winter» The audience responded quite adequately - applauded, shouted «Bravo!», then after our «Amazons», «A blue sea», «obsessive idea »and other unusual, bright rooms - Spaniards zamolkali, open mouths, and some even fell from the chair.

I do not know what: whether pereizbytka of emotions, whether by surprise. Impresario (and, incidentally, our former countrywoman) after the concert said that - from the shock. But by the final scene, entitled «Carnival», in which all 18 people, went to the tour, the audience came in and started to frantically to thank us. But in the town of Alfas del Pi, which is located on the Mediterranean coast, the audience has been different - the French, British, Germans and even Russian. But here every room of our program was «to cheers». After the concert, people approached, hold hands, saying simply that our art is unique. It is good to ...

participants in the ensemble (as in Spain, went live group - aged 16 and over) were also delighted to seen, and were ready to dance day and night. It happened in the town of Zamora, whose mayor in the interval gave the head of «Fantasia» and young artistkam melhiorovye trays with words of thanks, gifts sets, and then invited all to a banquet. Here then the Spaniards and otplyasyvali with Russian girls through the night.

course load was very high. After all, it was necessary to quickly change, adapt to a new dance, nothing in the way not to lose from a variety of (sometimes metal) parts of costumes.

But, as they say themselves dancer, touring in Spain have become for them an excellent vocational school.

And the impression of an unforgettable visit. Leaving with a tour of Madrid, the girls came to prefer the Spanish royal feast. And in the old Toledo lyubovalis castles and temples, which in this city of more than a hundred.

«Fantasy» danced in the Spanish press has also sounded enthusiastic responses to their art. Some newspapers Elena Zinchenko brought in Stavropol. And people at concerts shouted: «We want more!»

Valeria Peresypkin.

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