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Lynching rabbits.

On screen goes В«Internal empireВ» David Lynch - most obviously, a radical film, you'll see in 2007.

As wisely noted, most film critics, as well as people involved in the establishment of this 172-minute canvas, judge В«Inner EmpireВ» seriously. Simply put, it is not no way. On the expectation that the director, whose industry has become ispugannaya shoot as dear cabinet remains anyone's guess. After Lynch had a Obrezkov underfunded, zarublennogo make full-length TV В«Mulholland DriveВ», gently passed only a sect karlikolyubov and black fans vigvama, he decided to be set aside jokes aside and make a film that is, without doubt, raspugaet half old mourner over the body of Laura Palmer.

Those who have the heart for Lynch continues to be ill, apparently noticed that the process of creating a В«EmpireВ» he destroyed not only the bulk of progressive America, but has a friendly and Poland.

Besides, he podtochil well-being of a good woman, actress Laura Dern, who made a major producer of the film, and performed a central role (a little, a lot of the main roles) with the apparent loss of nerve cells and even nerve endings.

If you can hold some similar, though somewhat understandable and sloppy parallel, we can say that В«EmpireВ» by the level of abusive neglect zritelskim comfort is somewhere next to the В«Khrustalev car!В» our Herman. However, the difficulty level can be considered, and vice versa - as the level of trust, heart gesture. You, they say, the viewer, like me, you are worse than me, the viewer? What I will be proud of, and to withdraw the case, like all difficult to understand just kinoshnaya camarilla? Come, you dear guests, sit down here, move closer, even closer - but nowhere near? And you let us penetrate, move, push, vdavlivaysya do not hesitate! Most of the spectators, rasshvyrivaya pop roots, rushing to the exit. The remaining skeleton, spine, it can be said sinefilii remained seated, and when upolzut endless titles, restated those who trusted the good Lynch.

picture taken tryaskoy amateur camera, mirror, perekidyvaet layers of reality, top-down, getting them at different times, but even dearer - in various forms of perception.

That is where the story begins on kinoaktrise Nikki Grace, which was in the movie and plays that role, physical way to the perception of a screen. Since the picture, which was Nikki, cursed by some Polish gypsy curse, it appears the line, telling about the tough Polish Roma, and that the pieces had another film, also a genius. But look at it hampered fragments third movie filmed already quite different. In fact, a serious man Nikki warned not to communicate with her partner for shooting and warned that the actor, but the love and the shot happened, and now the actress gets to iznanku its validity, running for the scenery at a time when she, Nikki, sits with the director and partner at the first chitke role. And sitting, which is remarkable, a few days ago.

safe houses between these complex phenomena - a number of cheap motel, where sometimes zabredayut everything, and sometimes the heroes are not what they seem, because they have other people guess that somewhere left of their the main character. Let us say frankly: this is just the beginning of events. The first half hour. The action was suspended with the emergence of groups of girls singing and other sideshow that podbadrivayut discuss or heroine, and there are huge chunks sitkoma about chelovekopodobnyh rabbits (these pieces Lynch lovingly spread on its website strongly zagodya).

Journey to podsoznaniyu permanently lost from the director of the glaze, popartovoy tricks, solemnity and unambiguous terrible.

All this, of course, remains - and horror, and cunning, and ponatykannye eventually everywhere camera with a microphone, but the В«Inner EmpireВ» are not only heroes exhausted, the astonishment of pawns . There already are ways to make a film and all the ways of film taken plyashut director of tune. Watch it - like a car with the ease of world cinema, or to understand and have all nadsmeyatsya psychoanalysis for three hours. Fly on the roller coaster of another person's brain, in its zaletev.

Ustroiv this almost obscene cinema coven, director making his hook and crook. Change color and b / w sverhkrupnymi plans and the almost complete loss of coverage, a change of sharpness and even some foci, coupled with the movement of the characters, their separation and multiplication, - all these, he confuses and zataskivaet in the domestic empire inside the process of consciousness . His otryvochnosti, vspolohov, instant obryvochnyh fantasies В«but it would be ifВ», flashes of memory, and zaletov zagibov fear and imagination. Formed, which in the end it turns out that the heroine, mechas needle sewing machine, a proshivaya scraps of time and space, has made the release of another woman from the darkness and captivity. Need I add that the woman - polka, but on the other hand, it is a piece of and main character, too. Execrate director for the confusion will not remain forces, so he vymotaet fans at least three false kontsovkami and tearfully-cheerful catharsis.

In the end, he raskolduet generous hand all the characters and the audience will sense that he had three hours that in full, with a force felt. And recognize today, even the illusion that the full measure is very expensive.

ran out of room treacherous will say that Lynch is out of date and definitely confused. Remaining convinced that in one hundred Linche lies and everyone is watching. These attitudes and reality have a right to exist, and their painful rift adds tension unseen in this world. The world at this time looks В«spidermanВ».

Text: Valya Kotik

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