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Cats against Queen transvestites.

Press Conference mysterious group Serebro, who will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest was held at the Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel.

On the group until recently, almost nothing was known. A few months ago was informed that Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest will provide some girls who call themselves a group Serebro (so, in Latin), and that their song named Song  1 (in the current circumstances is rather comical). The video for this song non-stop cool screen throughout the press conference - it is MTV-quality video format for the English song-type R `n` B. In the video, with all elements of concern to the average viewer: dancing negros, a little office Sado-Mazo, singing on all fours and three slender cats as the logo.

From the first question posed at a press conference, became the cover of secrecy away. It was found that video shot Max Fadeev.

Actually, it also promotes the group in the mass. This is logical, because one of the participants, black-haired Lena (Temnikova), took part in the В«Star FactoryВ», while the other, shatenka Olga (Seryabkina), danced and sang about London and Paris with singer Irakli - charge the same В«FactoryВ», one of the producers, which was just Fadeyev. In general, the experience of public speaking at the two participating still available.

«úÏÌÕÛËÏÊ» turned out to be only the third singer (of course, blond) - Marina (Lizorkin), which, she said, was the announcement of the recruitment to the group on the Internet itself has come for an interview to Fadeev. Producer Linda and glucose, she arranged in principle, but he wanted to see what happens with mimikoy Marina at the time of singing. The girl is not lost - just beyond the threshold, she sings zasnyala his face on a mobile phone and left him at resepshne, and then phoned in his own room and was pleased to learn that accepted to work. Well, that is, to the group.

legend, probably, on the other side - what's the difference.

Girls kept with dignity, with journalists from talking publicly, but with restraint. When the music director of broadcasting В«First ChannelВ» Yuri Aksyuta once again said that the Eurovision we go for the victory, and the girls, saying, porvut to the dogs mnogomillionnuyu audience, Lena objected that they were coming, primarily, В«kayfanutВ», and victory - this is certainly good, but the main thing - it does not hit in the face of dirt and avoid tryasuschihsya kolenok - В«syndrome Yuli SavichevoyВ». Aksyuta immediately found, and said that if the Eurovision Song Contest will not win, so in the western charts song will surely be a hit.

course, was another important issue, which was made during a press conference several times. And what, in fact, the group plans to surprise the audience. In past years, the highest scores were Ruslana, hit all naryadom of exotic skins, and orcs polurazlozhivshiesya Finnish Lordi with wings and an ax. Meanwhile, Russia each year sends a completely formatted artists. Well, perhaps a grand ballerina Dima Bilan vylezet, but old is a holiday? The question thus remained unanswered. Yuri Aksyuta said to have submitted their entries for the competition of such artists were not. And folk divas Pelagei simply do not have decent material.

Serebro, seemed to shock the audience is not going to. At least, as Lena said, they expose just will not dress for the speeches are ready.

main mystery stories that have remained secret. How exactly did the Russian professional jury selected candidate for the Eurovision, concluded that Serebro - so there is not it? How much credibility Maxima Fadeeva? Should the group traveling to an international competition to be popular at home? And who, ultimately, hurt the Russian audience - for the Ukrainian dreg Queen Verka Serduchka, which votes in each and every larka TV, or the beautiful neznakomok, singing a song in English No. 1?

Text: Jaroslav Zabaluyev

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