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The victims of repression Tallinn.

Estonia arrested more than 600 participants in riots. Places PTDC lacks - Detainees at the terminal of Tallinn Port. «Night Watch» argues that people keep connected and constantly beaten.

on Friday with the onset of dusk in Tallinn resumed protests defenders Bronze Soldier. However, this time they had to confront not only the Estonian police and Estonian nationalists who supported the demolition of a monument to Tõnismägi. However, the last on the streets of the city was not very much. Estonians to the national flag in their hands and chanted «Estonia free!». In response, Russian-speaking protesters chanted «Russia! Russia! ». At some point between the rivals began a fight, but police, floods the city, managed raznyat youth. Police vystroilas chain of hostile crowds. However, unrest continued.

Crowds of Russians Estonians did not go to the hill Tõnismägi where the common grave. By this time he was fully otseplen police, so that a special meaning to go there was not. Hundreds of protesters dispersed around the city, and the most massive interventions occurred in the streets and squares in the city center. In particular, to 19.00 on the Boulevard Kaarli were about 400 people. They proceeded to throw stones and bottles at police. To sort out the police used special.

During the clashes the police and protesters injured, nine men and one woman. One man with serious injuries was taken to hospital, the other victims to go home.

Soon the police managed to marginalize the crowd at the Pärnu highway and the boulevard Estonia. Were arrested and taken to the sites of about 100 most violent offenders order.

By 21.45 on the Boulevard Mere-Puyestee a group of young people chanting «Russia!» insulting and shouting slogans against the present Prime Minister of Estonia Andrus Ansip. According to witnesses, it was a youth aged 14 to 16 years. They quickly moved on the boulevard and did not give a photograph. The group of Russian youth also tried to break through to the center «Viru», which was closed on Friday. The crowd broke beschinstvuyuschih and looted a wine shop in the capital's House of Trade, floral pavilion at Viru Street.

According to the TV channel TV3, the youth also devastated shops «Sportland» and Wool & Cotton. In the latter case, the police managed to apprehend four robbers. Another group tried to break the bus stop on the highway Estonia. Going through the city center, young men set fire to billboards, smashed the glass. At the Art Museum of the crowd was divided into three parts: one went to the side of the street Gonsiori, where the House radio, and two others - along the road to shop «Stockmann» and in the direction of the Narva highway.

aggressive crowd appeared on Freedom Square in Yaaniskoy church.

told RIA «News», gathered in the square of 200-300 people, mostly young people. Many chanted: «Russia!». In the mayor's office building were broken a few windows. The police used against the gathering Water heard tears svetoshumovyh grenades. Police ottesnyala youth of the church, while church officials hastily nail plywood box, said «Interfax».

on a monument to Estonian writer Anton-Hanson Tammsaare established in the city center in the park, named in honor of Tammsaare unknown to withdraw white «Ansip - chmo».

MIA faces expulsion

According to police, on Friday from 20.00 to 22.00 in the central city streets were nearly polutysyachi protesters. The police took measures to prevent crowds of people, partition large group into small. As the representatives of law enforcement, provocateurs used by the masses as a shield, so it is important that curious simply not appearing in the center of Tallinn. For security in the capital has been limited movement: re-routes trolleybuses in the center, they do not go. Police prevented the movement of people and cars on Tõnismägi.

As the head of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs Juri Pihl, «ensuring security and public order, the Estonian State is entitled to apply for the necessary measures». «Offenders should be aware that for their actions should be responsible», - he was threatened.

Moreover, Pihl has promised to expel from the country of all non-citizens of Estonia, participating in protests.

He said Estonia has the right to deny entry and stay of persons who violate the constitutional order and laws, and whose activities are directed against the state security and inciting ethnic hatred . «Every person who violates the law and order of our country and which is a criminal investigation, should know that the state has the right to accept his residence invalid. The state also may waive the renewal of the residence, as well as to establish a permanent or temporary ban on the entry of the person in Estonia », - the Minister of Internal Affairs.

«At the time of accession of Estonia to the Schengen legal space to establish a ban on entry for a person to suffer significant consequences: in addition to the ban on entry into Estonia ban would apply to all member countries European Union », - threatened Pihl. In conclusion, he called on citizens to act in accordance with the laws and not to be subjected to provocations. «I urge you to maintain common sense and dignity to a safe and secure lives in our state has continued», - he said.

arrests and detentions

Over the last two days of riots the police detained more than 600 people in Tallinn, and more than 40 people in the Russian town of Johvi and Kohtla-Jarve, which also took the youth unrest.

According to the press service Pyahyaskoy Prefectural Police, the majority of detainees - teenagers. Among those detained are many Russian-speaking representatives of the NGO «Night Watch». Arrested Member of the «Night Watch» Dmitry Linter. Friday evening he was taken from the PTDC in emergency aid severoestonskoy regional hospital in Mustamae. The doctor said that Linter is in a state of shock after questioning, but his life is never exposed. Traces of beatings or torture doctor is not confirmed. Mother Lintera suspects that her son was treated for testimony psychotropic. When Lintera transported on a stretcher, the woman realized that the son of the smell of alcohol. When Lintera a hospital doctor also gave an assessment of: restless night in Tallinn during the night of pogroms and alcohol led to high pressure. But it is questionable - Linter vegetarian, no smoking and no drinking.

missing activist arrested on the eve of «Night Watch» Hi Reva and members of youth organizations SIIN Mark Siryk.

wife Revy still does not know the whereabouts of her husband. According to the police in Tallinn SIzo not. Nothing is known about the arrested Siryka.

about hundreds of detainees by police during riots held in Terminal D in Tallinn seaport. This phone leader «Night Watch» Dmitry Klenskomu member of the board of the organization, Alexander Korobov. Korobov was able to reach us about 1.00 on Saturday. He said that was delivered here, along with another member of the «Night Watch» Yuri Zhuravlevym.

«çÒÑÚÎÏÅ room beaten people, mostly teenagers. There netrezvye. All bandaged hands. Sitting on a dirty dusty floor. Toilets in the room no. All declared that kept at least until the morning - told Korobov. - In the stock is worth the noise, bad language, scream, hiss. This is despite the fact that all these skinheads, police are responding sadisty baton blows. This is done with extreme cruelty ».

In «Gazetu.Ru» was the message from a reader, tell him to dozvonilsya friend, who took a few hours ago. It seems to hold it in the warehouse. «They were kicked and beaten with truncheons. All hands are tied - conveyed reader word of his friend. - My friend initiated and called. In front of everyone killed one guy and made ».

reported «Gazete.Ru» leader «Night Watch» Dmitry Klensky, police terror is gaining momentum.

introduce stricter control of entry in Tallinn Petersburg on the highway - the authorities fear the arrival of reinforcements to the defenders of the Bronze Soldier from the Russian-speaking region of Ida-Viru County. Klensky also drew attention to the fact that the local media started to spread false information about the supporters of the Bronze Soldier. Stated that the looting in the streets of the city involved members «Night Watch», but, according to Klenskogo, seen in this completely different forces, including speaking in Estonian. On the contrary, the «Night Watch» prevented looting, asserts Klensky.

dead and wounded

during riots injuries of varying degrees of severity, according to the police, received 65 people, while six police officers. Most of the victims were slightly injured. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia reported that the clashes in Tallinn with Estonian authorities to try to disperse the negotiations on the night of April 27, a rally was killed permanently residing in Estonia, a citizen of Russia.

«Initially, the Estonian authorities in response to formal requests from the Russian embassy in Tallinn assured that among the victims of our citizens there. Subsequently, it became clear that a Russian citizen was killed, but so far we have not provided details about his name and circumstances of death », - said the Department of Information and Press the Russian Foreign Ministry issued on Saturday.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia expressed his condolences to the family of the victim and demanded that Estonian authorities «to provide all information about the incident, prompt investigation and bring to justice the perpetrators of this crime».

Text: Alexander Veretennikov (Tallinn), Semyon Stoliarov

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