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In Stavropol court case begins criminal groups involved in the legalization of stolen money.

The industrial city of Stavropol district court on April 27 will proceed to consideration of the merits of the criminal case against three businessmen - members of criminal groups involved in the legalization of stolen money.

- told the correspondent of IA REGNUM in the press service of the Stavropol Regional Court.

The three defendants - O. Lie algebra, and V. A. Semenyuta Erin accused of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud), Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (misappropriation and embezzlement), Art. 165 Criminal Code (causing damage to property by deception or abuse of trust), Art. 174 Criminal Code (the legalization (laundering) of funds obtained by criminal conduct by others) and Art. 174.1 Criminal Code (the legalization (laundering) of money acquired as a result of his offense).

Each of the defendants is accused of not less than 27 episodes of the offense.

According to the text of the indictment, the defendants formed a stable of organized criminal groups set up to carry out numerous financial transactions aimed at the subsequent theft of other people's money.

In the period from 2001 to 2005, through his personal friendship with leadership OOO Kavkaztransgaz, JSC Stavropolkraygaz, the Stavropol branch of OAO Bank Menatep St. Petersburg and other major economic agents, the defendants carried out financial transactions in securities - bills OAO Gazprom and ZAO Gazprombank, as well as to mediate in mutual between economic agents. As a result of illegal activities of criminal groups has been the theft of money, hundreds of millions of rubles.

for cash and the legalization of stolen money the defendants used the accounts of "shell" companies, which are specially designed for these purposes were acquired or form.

investigation of criminal case management conducted by the FSB Stavropolskomu edge.

During the preliminary hearing by representatives of defense filed a motion for the trial court of first instance in the composition of the panel of three judges of the federal court of general jurisdiction.

"the defense believes that the peer review of this case will provide the greatest impartiality of the judiciary", - explained in the provincial court.

ruВ Ставрополе начинается суд по делу преступной группы, занимавшейся легализацией похищенных денег
deIn Stavropol Gerichtsverfahren beginnt kriminellen Gruppen, die im Bereich der Legalisierung von gestohlenen Geld.
esEn Stavropol juicio comienza grupos delictivos involucrados en la legalizaciГіn de dinero robado.
frEn cas de Stavropol tribunal commence groupes criminels impliquГ©s dans la lГ©galisation de l'argent volГ©.
itIn caso inizia Stavropol giudice gruppi criminali coinvolti nella legalizzazione di denaro rubato.

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