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Slater described the assassination of Kennedy.

The actor Christian Slater, the star of В«true loveВ», came to Moscow to support the new film В«BobbyВ».

tape, it is necessary to note the support needed - even good political cinema rarely has a wide popularity. Nominations for the В«OscarВ» does not always help, especially since it comes in the picture on the cases of bloody, but old. The film is dedicated to the assassination of Robert Kennedy in the kitchen of hotel В«AmbassadorВ» June 6, 1968. For the story about the events director Emilio Estevez chose kruzhnoy way, making a hero of his paintings are not actually Kennedy, and a crowd of almost unrelated characters - the hotel staff and guests, volunteers headquarters senator.

credibility heroes must give sverhnasyschenny casting.

The painting shot Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone, William Meysi, Lawrence Fishborn, Elijah Wood and many who have - traditionally Democratic Hollywood now supports such projects, particularly on the eve of elections. And indeed, Christian Sleyster and Russian actress Svetlana Metkina, which played a Czechoslovak journalist, been seeking to interview a candidate for U.S. president. Sleyteru inherited in the movie role of manager of hotel restaurant - hmurogo xenophobia, tretiruyuschego Mexican workers. The last two and made a picture at today's press conference in the cinema В«RolandВ».

started unexpectedly.

Neither without rhyme or reason to stage a Tina Kandelaki, smiled photographers and television cameras and say mysterious phrase: В« Nothing Personal В».

Then Mrs. Kandelaki heat pozhala hand bit nervous Sleyteru and removed. The very same actor, surprisingly vigorous in the early hours, heartily welcomed the hall, issued supportive interjections, humbly fotografirovalsya against the backdrop of a movie poster.

His warning friendliness tusknelo or not for a moment, even when the issues slide off into the dangerous, or rather say dikovatuyu side.

Actually, in the genre press conference with the Star always culmination, when someone asks journalists particularly ridiculous question. This time the meeting slabenkogo ecstasy reached through the central channel correspondent, who is well supplied voice inquired as Mr. Slater refers to the idealized image of Kennedy in the film. In fact, the policy of both the Kennedy brothers led to the colored people of America will have a huge advantage over whites, which has become almost the oppressed.

We must pay tribute to the translator - it aired the matter did not drognuv. We need to pay tribute to Christian and Sleyteru - he made a wistful look, many otkashlyalsya, thoughtfully and pohmykal be answered in the sense that many have any problems, and they need to work.

received, in general, Robert Kennedy on the covenant, which calls for the consolidation of people of all views on the basis of reasonable discussion.

Late Svetlana Metkina (cork stoppers ... ...) has received, of course, the question why Russian actors with an excellent school, so rarely probivayutsya in Hollywood. The actress, snyavshayasya in the U.S. and several joint projects, said that, first, the language - you must have В«flatВ» accent, which will understand and in Texas, and Alaska, and secondly, everything is very difficult: visas, permits to work and all that.

Judging by the words of Mr Slater, his plans will depend on Svetlana Metkinoy, which will guide him to Moscow. The actor plans to visit the Kremlin, admire the diamonds exhibited there. It seems interested in his message that Moscow was В«flying over the cuckoo nestВ» - Slater himself played a role Makmerfi on the London stage.

Text: John Smith.

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