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The best Russian cars assembled in Japan.

Announced the results of premium «Car year in Russia-2007». Of the 19 nominations, more than half - the premium-class cars, a leader of domestic sales, «Zhigulyam», not got any awards.

March 30 at the Central Exhibition Hall «Manege» were 19 winners of prizes «Car year in Russia-2007». Best cars chosen by motorists to fill out a form attached to magazines and newspapers and using the online or SMS-vote. According to the organizers of the competition, the magazine «Avtopanorama», took part in the survey 82 302 car. Among them 84% of men and only 16% - women. The participants had to choose the 18 best models of the 306 represented on the Russian market. Plus, two special category - «New Year» and «Favorite brand».

«favorite brand» Russians did not give the domestic automotive die for the third decade, was not « Zhiguli », and Toyota .

Furthermore, in order to obtain a license in this category, a representative of Toyota still three left the scene and was awarded for the top model of business-class Camry , the best light RAV4 SUV and best in class Lexus LS 460 .

Actually, almost all the premiums are shared between the German and Japanese manufacturers (seven each), and categories selected by the organizers of the contest, is not likely to leave the Korean, Chinese or Russian producers.

Mazda 3 was the best in the «small middle class», Honda Accord - «middle class», Subaru Legacy Outback beat the rest of «universal off-road». But the Germans Russians trust in the most prestigious categories: Maybach unanimously considered the best in «class« premium », although certainly the majority of voters chose this car at random, not by its advantages over competitors. Audi TT - the best coupe, Porsche 911 Turbo -« coupe premium-class », BMW Z4 bypassed and the remaining convertible roadster, and Audi Q7 - the average SUV. The most modest and some even out of place in this list was a little Opel Corsa , the winner in the «small class» .

Among pickups won model Nissan Navara. In the class «minivans» and «small commercial vehicles» won Ford S-MAX and the Volkswagen Caddy. Potesnili Japanese-German mezhdusoboychik only symbolically. For example, in the classroom «cabriolets and rodstery« premium »majority of the votes were cast for Ferrari F430 Spider . In urban car segment leadership has once again got a Frenchman - Citroen C2 . But the brightest news, was recognized as Volvo S80 .

Taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian automotive market, it is unclear why not a special category of «the best budget car».

Indeed, results of competitions «The best car» always far from the real preferences of motorists. Buying cheap and practical car sales leader in the market, such as Renault Logan or Ford Focus , the average driver will never call your car better. Therefore, taking part in these polls, people are starting to choose the perfect car or trying to make experts.

similar situation in most European and American competitions, where members of the jury are not the drivers, and auto journalists. Test all involved in the competition machines, experts are well aware of their weaknesses, to which the consumer is willing to turn a blind eye. Therefore, the choice of journalists are often more far from the preferences of the majority.

Text: Elena Hodyakova, Maria Tsybulskaya

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