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Smokers punished rubles.

In 2007, the cheapest pack of cigarettes went up by 1-1,5 ruble, but with the filter - at 2-3. This is the result of a new order of levying excise taxes on tobacco products ..

revenue from the sale of cigarettes to grow by 40%, and smokers will be less pleased MOF. But perhaps in a different way: smokers switch to cheaper and harmful cigarettes.

In 2007, the Ministry of Finance expects to collect 40% or 4.8 billion rubles more taxes on tobacco products, reported on Wednesday, Deputy Minister of Finance Sergei Shatalov. Help this new procedure for levying excise taxes. From 1 January this year, came into force amendments to the Tax Code, under which each pack of cigarettes with filter, imported or produced in Russia, should have special markings with information on the maximum retail price (MRC). The price of set manufacturers, and retailers do not have the right to exceed the maximum.

Introduction MRC - this is only part of the program to increase state revenue from the bad habits of citizens. MRC has proved useful to the budget, the Ministry of Finance has developed a new system of calculating the excise rate. Until January 2007, the amount of excise tax on tobacco from the filter was calculated taking into account the wholesale prices are as follows: the manufacturer paid for 70 rubles to the thousands of cigarettes plus 8% of wholesale prices. Under the new law, the manufacturer has already paid 100 rubles for each thousand cigarettes plus 8% of the same, but with a maximum retail price.

cigarette manufacturers, too, a new order for the soul, they have not arrived, he said. В«We positively accept the amendment came into effect. The principle of charging the interest of the excise tax on the maximum retail price of cigarettes has long been successfully applied in the markets of many countries, including the EU, Ukraine, Israel and other countries В», - commented on major business developments director of corporate relationsВ« BAT Russia В» Alexander Lyuty. В«Introduction marking MRC has not significantly affected the cost of production - has added the manager of Public Relations Japan Tobacco Int. Vadim Botan-Kharchenko. - We support the initiative of the State В».

In fact, the new law shifted the tax burden from manufacturers to retailers.

Holders tents and shops В«walking accessibilityВ» oppose such measures. For them, tobacco, like bread and milk, the main source of income. According to expert estimates, they have lost up to half of the income from the sale of cigarettes. This is confirmed by the Ministry of Finance. 5% of retailers have already refused to sell cigarettes to the MRC, said Shatalov.

Ilya Handrikov, chairman of the All-Russian movement В«fair marketВ», appreciates the new law as unjust, impairs the interests of retailers. В«We are witnessing a situation where the state is literally pushed out by small businesses. A major commercial networks, in which tobacco is 1-3% of the law is not an obstacle, a small seller can not survive in such conditions В», - he said. Small vendors feel that the social effect of the new law is also in doubt: even if close all tobacco tents, smokers, this will not become smaller.

Nevertheless, the authorities are not going to abandon the program for a gradual increase in excise taxes on tobacco products. In 2007, they were raised by 38%. Sergei Shatalov said that from 2008 to 2010, they will continue to grow: by 20% annually. As a result, in 2008, to assess the Ministry of Finance, the budget will receive an additional 7.4 billion rubles. However, this will lead to higher prices. For example, in 2007, to assess Shatalova, cheap pack of cigarettes without filter went on 1-1,5 ruble, but more expensive with the filter - at 2-3 ruble.

В«Cigarettes should cost less socially important goods, such as loafs of breadВ», - said Deputy Minister of Finance.

In western countries, the fight against tobacco use are the direct economic measures, confirmed the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. A pack of cigarettes, on average, there is a 4-5 euros, and in some countries and over 10. However, this should be read slowly, he warned:

В«The sharp increase in prices will only lead to the fact that smokers switch to cheaper cigarettes. And it will only exacerbate an already difficult situation with smoking in Russia В».

Text: Maria Ivanov

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