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Prosecutor General's Office talked to Berezovsky about money.

The General Prosecutor's Office questioned for four hours in London, Boris Berezovsky, for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

Politemigrant complained В«Gazete.RuВ» on the basis of questioning that the issues on the merits of it almost did not ask.

meets Boris Berezovsky and Chechen emissary Akhmed Zakayev by investigators from the Prosecutor General's Office was in the police station, Scotland Yard. Before questioning, Russian investigators at the request of Berezovsky were searched for the presence of toxic substances and weapons. Then at about 14.00 Moscow time, they began to talk directly with the entrepreneur.

As the В«Gazete.RuВ» Berezovsky himself, the questioning was recorded on tape, and the investigator Alexander Otodov had the right to ask those issues that were previously agreed upon with the British police. Representatives of Scotland Yard control the course of the conversation.

В«Initially, we proposed to organize the questioning in court: in the UK there is a form of questioning witnesses, a judge may insist on answering the question if it is significant, but for some reason, the General Prosecutor's Office refused to from this form В», - said BerezovskyВ« Gazete.Ru В». According to him, from four hours of questioning, only half an hour later, investigators questioned more or less relating to the murder of Litvinenko. В«There were such issues, their little of when I last saw with Litvinenko, when - with LugovymВ», - said disgraced businessman.

В«It was not specified the main issues that struck me. Three and a half hour conversation was about what is on my account, what are my friends, the Litvinenko what my company, a legacy from relatives В», - told Berezovsky. According to him, he had the impression that its tax police officer, not man, investigating Litvinenko. The businessman added that the financial refused to answer questions, explaining that they were not relevant to the case.

В«When questions from the investigator was over, he asked me if I would have something to add. I then explained to the representative of the Prosecutor General, why believe that the crime is Putin why the performer was Lugovoy В», - said Berzovsky.

В«I have it explained in detail what and how. He even heard about this terrible. I told him so and said that the Prosecutor General's Office covers the crime, the offender and you: you do know who actually participated in all of this В», - pereskazal details of the questioning Berezovsky. The businessman also said that the Prosecutor General has transmitted correspondence with the military prosecutor's office of Russia in 1998, and correspondence Litvinenko, when he, according to Berezovsky, has received the command to kill him.

Police British capital has refused to give any comments on this matter. Even prior to interrogation, Berezovsky issued a statement which said that В«on their own agreed to meet with Russian investigatorsВ». В«It was totally my personal choice. The reason for the agreement to meet: I do not want to give the Russian authorities no reason to argue that the United Kingdom does not want to cooperate with them, and thereby enable them to not cooperate with the United Kingdom В», - says in a statement.

deadly Ahmed also said that В«did not want to enable the Russian authorities have a way to block the work of Scotland Yard, which is conducting an objective investigation and trying to get to the truthВ». В«I want those involved and those responsible for the death of my friend have been foundВ», - added deadly.

While it is not known whether the Prosecutor General's Office will continue to take any action against billionaire. To implement this questioning, the Russian law enforcement agencies had to suspend the investigation of criminal cases against Berezovsky.

Text: Victor Sumy

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