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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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In Stavropol, in 2007 is planned to increase the input of housing in the 3 thousand square meters. m..

In 2006 in the city of Stavropol businesses and organizations of all forms of ownership in operation 2 thousand 941 apartment with total area of 287.2 thousand square meters, representing 127% to the level of 2005 ..

In 2007, planned to put into operation 290 thousand square meters, which is 3 thousand more than in 2006. This was said deputy head of administration of the city of Stavropol, the Director of Urban Development Committee Vladimir Elichev 27 March at a meeting of the regional administration center, told the correspondent of IA REGNUM in the press service goradministratsii.

Vladimir Elichev noted that in 2006, individual contractors built 87,2 thousand square meters, representing 142% by 2005.

contractual means (multistory building) - 200 thousand square meters (142% by the year 2005) Overall, the various enterprises of the city was put into operation 32 houses.

Indicators enter the total area of housing per capita Stavropol ranked first in the province. The city has put into operation at 0.82 square meters per capita, in the province - 0.28 sq.m. The city has become and the rate of growth of established dwellings.

In 2007, planned to put into operation 290 thousand square meters, which is 3 thousand more than in 2006.

Only two months of the year in operation 130 thousand square meters of housing. The same amount of housing was built for the whole of 2003. The construction of residential homes for a third of the budget sphere. Construction of multi-storied buildings is in occupying the first floors of the social, cultural and domestic purposes.

In 2007, the spot will continue building in the central part of the city. On the streets of the World and Lenin on the ground of old dilapidated houses are built new mnogoetazhki. Instead of a brick factory on the street Shpakovsky built residential area.

Along with point buildings will continue the construction of housing in new neighborhoods built in the streets Kulakova, Dovatortsev, residential areas and Demino DOSAAF.

with the development of these areas have great prospects in the construction of housing, and in the development of social infrastructure, infrastructure.

In December 2006, the city administration has taken the initiative on the development and implementation of priority national project "Affordable and comfortable housing for citizens of Russia" a pilot program of municipal "priority urban project Stavropolsky construction and energy complex. "

This program provides comprehensive construction of housing and social facilities, utilities, mini-CHP, production designs and products from the autoclave (cellular), gas, space-modular homes 100% factory preparedness. For the realization of municipal programs set up public-private non-profit partnership "Stavropol affordable housing."

In 2007, should resolve the issue of the master plan of building the city. A contract with the Russian State Institute of Urban Development and Investment Development Giprogor.

issue of financing the adjustment of the plan in the amount of 15 million rubles. According to the contract expiry date of work - in November 2007. Already completed the first phase of work: aerial photography, collection of baseline data, including sections of "Ecology", GO and CHS).

The focus of questions remain green. In 2007, for the purpose allocated 7 million rubles. Last year they planted 17 thousand 964 shrubs, 3 thousand 467 trees, implemented the device and reconstruction 31140 square meters of lawns. In this year of planting and restoration rozariev in the city will continue. A draft resolution of the heads of the city Stavropol, which will determine the list avenues, squares and other public places, which banned any business not related to the restoration of greenery.

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