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«I do not care for anyone looking Hiddink».

Author winning goal in the gate «Kubany» Captain «Himok» Andrei Tikhonov said that in his view, the Krasnodar club played better, but his team more fortunate.

He also spoke about the reasons for his emotional behavior on the field and to the Moscow club in this season.

- «Khimki» scored the first victory in the Prime League. What kind of mood prevailed in the locker room after the match?

- mood, thanks to the victory was good. But, from my point of view, «Kuban» moments played better than us, especially in the first half. We do not understand at first a little bit. But today was a match ... Who scored the first, and he won.

Therefore, although «Kuban» and look better, whether deserved or not, but we won. Three points is three points. This is football. Here is everything.

- During the break finally isportilas weather and field, and without the former is not a better state, turned into a quagmire. However, it is in the second half «Khimki» zaigrali better. What is connected?

- Field namoklo slightly, and the mud stopped cling to shoes, which, in turn, increased the pace of the game. And that played into the second half the better, so this is the fact that victory for us was very necessary, and we are doing everything to achieve it.

- You have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with partners to enhance their voice. This is all the emotions?

- you know, I have enough to play football at the highest level, so some children's mistakes irritate. What are some points that we are able to bring to its logical conclusion, attentive yet outside the penalty.

may be, of course, the emotions, but if you play with emotion, nothing putnogo not released.

- In golevom episode of the decision to break with a penalty goal, it was spontaneous?

- No, I originally was going to beat. I have no time ÚÁÂÉ×ÁÌ in such situations. Especially in such a field, and in such weather, it was the right decision. Where there is congestion in the lodge the people? Moreover, that «Kubany» high enough defenders.

- helped by the fact that the «wall» by shock were just two people?

- Possibly, but usually in such situations, more than two people did not. It was a blow for good luck. I am just lucky.

- At what place «Khimki» expects to debut in a season?

- Good question. And how do you think?

- First?

- I do not know. Maybe the first.

- You brought «Khimki» in the Prime League, brought the team the first victory. Is there now wishes to hammer «gold» goal?

- Well, you, I say, dig deep (smiles)! I think that «Himkam» is too early to think about it. The challenge - staying in the Prime League. The team will get a new stadium. Will be developed with the help of the governor.

I think if there is a good financing, the future of the club will be very good. Not all of the elite clubs in Moscow there are conditions for children, as we do.

- After the first victory in the Premier League, was pospokoynee? The mood has improved?

- I think for any team after the victory mood markedly improved. We played well, and in Samara did not have to play. There us a little unlucky, but here - on the contrary.

- With his former coach Yakovenko had to communicate?

- To be honest, there was no time. I believe it to communicate with me, too, did not really like. Still, this is major league - more nerves.

therefore wish to convey greetings and to wish Yakovenko «Kubany» luck.

- In a match attended by the chief coach of Russia Guus Hiddink. How to think for whom he could draw the attention?

- I do not know. Perhaps the young players «Kuban». I do not care whom he draws attention.

- Do not upset, that do not receive an invitation?

- I was not upset. I play for «Khimki», for the rest of me ...

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