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A blank sings better heard.

Concepts talent or vocation has long declared cost of Romanticism.

In the midst of international Biennale in Moscow art theater, the diversity of our modest cultural landscape, the premiere of the play as yet little-known playwright Yuri Cooper В«12 paintings from the artist's lifeВ». I do not know what this theater is guided in its repertoire policy, but the name itself, at least, not by accident. And even well-justified. Because the author himself - the artist.

It is widely known. However, belonging to very loud, if not scandalous, Soviet art generation, which fell and sad buldozernaya show, and funny Izmaylovskaya and triumphal pavilion В«BeekeepingВ» to VDNKh, and the opening of the so-called Section schedules В«on GeorgianВ», Yuri Cooper remained В«quietВ» Artist: not working, was not involved, is not involved. The only thing what it is similar to many of the leaders of the then underground, so it is that he, like them, in the 70th emigrated. But it turned out he is quiet, the family, without the scandal, and radio interviews В«FreedomВ». What, in general, and clear: Being on this side of the barricades, he has not scored any points in the informal Soviet culture, officially being diligent book schedule risuyuschim to earnings in В«Young GuardsВ», so that on the other side he had to start with zero. All the more surprising, and deserves full respect for the fact that in the West, it was relatively quickly won a resounding name podnatorel, rich ...

hard to say whether abroad that it is broken in conjunction gallery artist, whether won nostalgia, but in one way or another, in the very honorable age of sixty years, when it comes to scatter collected before stones, Yuri Cooper returned to his homeland.

And too quiet: his well-chamber Exhibition Gallery В«House NaschokinaВ» not done noise, but did not pass unnoticed altogether.

case, perhaps, is that Cooper - and the painter of the chamber, like oduhotvoryayuschy on canvas quiet forgotten things. But how many of the world's master, strong, not only in art but in the craft: it is an engraver, goldsmith, designer, stage designer, and in that capacity at home was the most popular - in fact we have very few people who combine a high craft to the cancellation European taste. But this case, the preamble. It is that he was just a boy from Moscow, brought up on tales of Pushkin, not seen in his plastic arts in any literary, is always stretched to the word.

This is certainly not a word that you entered in the fabric of the canvas, but drawn to the traditional literature: for example, to compile the memoirs of literary artists at the time changed to brush pen. Such samples of the pen, even more than usual, maloubeditelnyh, but as a rule, flame exhibits of professional writers, who from time to time, hop off the table, to stand up to molbertu. The uniqueness of the case of Cooper in another: I can not recall at Gruda domestic hudozhnicheskih literary opuses different genres - and the artists except memoirs sinned manifestos, treatises, poems, novels, even - a professional artist who once acted as a playwright.

There is a vague assumption that the genre was seen near the man works for the theater. Or perhaps, as a person Kraft, Cooper genre of drama, among other literary seemed closer precisely because he seems to be the most obvious trade and amateur. Most mereschitsya that dramaturgicheskimi easily master the skills, but to the works of wreaths sonnets need divine calling. Either way, the premiere was held ...

There is no need to discuss the merits of the plays, because they do not exist: a lonely artist in the Parisian night cafe meets moths from the Russians, and tells her story of their young love in a collective farm in his home with a charming pastushkoy .

and need not, what is the shepherdess temporarily zavskladom. To reiterate, dramaturgicheskimi advantages of not writing shines, with the exception of those strange for mnogoopytnogo Mr naivety and lack of byuschey nose literaturschiny than novices often sinned.

attempt imenitogo very interesting and successful artist, not only there to write something for their own use, but also to provide the product to public.

interesting precedent, since it has regard to the figure of the author.

World nabit noise and trash.

Concepts talent or vocation has long declared cost of romanticism, the opposition is the artist-audience mertsatelna, any creative attempt itself is worth the result, advertising allows you to sell anything - say, according to polls the most raskuplennuyu, sixth or something, a book about Harry Potter and more than half the readers were unable ÏÓÉÌÉÔ� and until the middle. Besides, a little faded now political correctness long priuchala that deaf always sings better heard a legless better dancing. In this kakofonii seemingly nobody ever rasslyshit that party violin in the orchestra performs drummer. However, it is not. And this is why: whatever one may say, in a limited number of orchestra seats, and the violinist is afraid to stay out of work. In addition, there is garbage and debris. If, say, Art Biennale will bring people to the streets of his urine, he will be subjected to ostracism, although his urine, it may be more transparent than the urine of contemporary artists, which it does business. Places are divided. Maybe it makes me afraid that relate to the literary artist's experimentation Cooper, I'm also hold a place of service. And others call for vigilance. A well as he decides tomorrow to write an opera, not only he himself and make it, but also will poryvatsya sing in title role.

Text: Nikolai Klimontovich

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