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Justice vostorzhestovala.

«United Russia» managed to win in thirteen regions, which chose the legislative assembly, but was defeated by mironovtsev in the Stavropol region.

Party is going to make this orgvyvody to Governor Alexander Chernogorova, the head of its list, and Sergei Mironov proposes to become a senator from the region.

At the headquarters of the chief election favorite - «United Russia» - on Sunday, tension prevailed. Press conference of party leaders led by State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov promised promptly at eight pm, not even started nearly an hour.

is due to become the first neradostnye for edinorossov results.

Party government, according to preliminary data, has not received full control of the parliaments in St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Orel and Samara region, and in the Stavropol region and is apparently lost the main competitor - «Fair Russia». The lag time was more than 10%.

As we wrote «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», originally edinorossy aims everywhere to get at least 45% of the vote. «As a result ÜËÚÉÔ-pooling can be used to predict that we will get the majority in nine regions, in four more this will be the majority, along with other parties, and in the Stavropol Territory, apparently, to get a configuration», - the first shared his impressions with reporters leader UF Gryzlov, which appeared in the headquarters at all unusual for the informal form - a white sweater and sports jacket.

However, the first data began to come from Siberia, where the party of power, the results even exceeded the targets. By the morning had already been counted 100% of the ballots in the Omsk and Tomsk regions. In the Tomsk region edinorossy scored 48.21% in the Omsk - 57.13%. Winning candidates from the ruling party and the vast number of single-member districts. In second place is the Communist Party: in the Tomsk region - 13,4%, in the Omsk - 21,60%.

in Omsk parliament did not get any ATP or «Fair Russia» Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, or LDPR.

in Tomsk in parliament came as the LDPR (12.8%), ATP (7.49%) and «Just Russia» (7,48%). Similar results in the Tyumen region, where mironovtsy also fails, a second party with a huge margin here was LDPR. In Tyumen edinorossy gained more than 68% of the vote, and supporters of Zhirinovsky - 9.92%. Communists and spravedlivorossy scored 8,68 and 7,43% of the votes respectively.

However, the main opposition Mironov and Gryzlov, judging by the results of the elections, turned to the European territory of Russia. And the most scandalous, as expected, was the Stavropol region, where fighting between the top the list of «eserov» spravedlivorossom Dmitry Kuzmin, and the governor, the leader edinorossov Alexander Chernogorovym, was not a life and death. Now we can confidently say that the Stavropol region to become the only country where «Fair Russia» will receive full control over the parliament.

As a result of processing more than 70% of the ballots «Fair Russia» receives 37%, and the «United Russia» - bad for a 24%. Parliament also passed the CPRF (14.43%), LDPR (11.96%) and ATP (7,85%). However, in view of elections in single-mandate constituencies «United Russia» in Stavropol, perhaps may get even more parliamentary seats than «fair». As stated at a press conference in Moscow, Alexander Veshnyakov, in the Stavropol region UF receives six mandates by the proportional system, and nine more from odnomandatnikov. A «Fair Russia» will have 10 seats in the local parliament under the proportional system, and two more by the majority. In addition to these two parties, in the Stavropol parliament are also Communist Party, which will be five seats (4 +1), LDPR - three mandate, SFOR - two seats, and two more will get the mandate of the MPs who nominated A self.

Nevertheless, Gryzlov said, the party is going to do at Stavropol orgvyvody - seems to be unpleasant for the Governor Alexander Chernogorova, the head of its list. «We will analyze the situation and draw conclusions with regard to local office and the Governor», - Gryzlov threatened. Optimism about the region, he does not lose: «I must also be at least one region, which Mironov will become a senator. We give them Stavropol region », - with uhmylkoy Gryzlov told journalists.

This Gryzlov vowed not to allow re Mironov senator from St. Petersburg, which the Speaker of the upper chamber represents now. «Today, the election of Mironov senator from St. Petersburg is not possible. The campaign was a difficult, dirty technologies used », - with some even injured voice said Speaker of the State Duma.

Meanwhile, and in St. Petersburg in edinorossov not easy. A member of the executive committee of EP lamented that here, rather than in the Stavropol Territory, where a negative result for the ruling party is expected outcome is very controversial. «We do not receive the majority», - the representative edinorossov. As a result of processing 100% of the ballots «United Russia», won 37.37% of the vote, while the closest pursuer, «Fair Russia», - 21,9%. Meanwhile, to monitor zaksobraniem edinorossam should recruit more than 40%, whereas now the party of power will be forced to somebody blocked. Most likely, the party will hold the fourth place with a result of 10,89% LDPR. In turn, mironovtsy similarly be able to vote on social issues with the communists came third (the Communist Party received 16.02%).

Democrats do not fall into the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. PCA received a total of 5,17% of the vote.

similar result in the Leningrad region. Edinorossy obtained here 35,25%, «Fair Russia» - 20,92, KPRF - 17.06%, LDPR - 12.13%. Finger's breadth passes ATP - 7,01%. But in the Moscow area of the law, by contrast, little did not have enough votes: ATP gathered here 6,98%. Even fewer have «Apple» - about 4%. Leaders in Moscow edinorossy (49.62% of votes). Communists in second place with 18.58%. A party «Just Russia» was made on the unsuccessful - 8,9%.

Among difficult for a regional «United Russia» also Samara region. Here, however, were unsuccessful and mironovtsy. Edinorossy scored only 34% of the vote, while «Just Russia» - 15%. The second in the Samara region became the Communists with 18%.

Uverennoe advantage of the party won power in Murmansk, Orel, Pskov and Vologda regions, as well as in Dagestan. In Murmansk edinorossy gaining 42.17% of the vote in Vologda - 42.42%, in the Pskov region - 48%, while in Dagestan - 68.89%. In the Oryol area the party of power, won 39%, but receives a majority at the expense of victory in most of the single-member districts. With regard to statements mironovtsev, the results «Fair Russia» proved controversial. For example, in Dagestan mironovtsy, though, and came second, but scored less than 10%, and in Orel and Pskov regions, they have given way to second place Communists.

Under edinorossov matter most in the Komi Republic, where they might be with someone blocked. «United Russia», won 37.59% of the vote. It is followed by the LDPR with 20.18% of the vote, «Fair Russia» with 19.11%, the Communist Party with 13.77% and PCA with 7.8% of the vote.

worth noting also the failure of the «Apple» and local successes «green» and the Agrarian Party.

In three regions, which was attended by supporters of Grigory Yavlinsky - Murmansk, Moscow Region and the Komi Republic - they have scored no more than 4% of the vote. Zaklyaty rival «Apple» - «The Union of Right Forces» - initially raportoval of overcoming the 7-percent barrier in all nine regions, which showed the right. But right at the headquarters in Moscow, even cautiously awaited. «We remember how in 2003 (at the elections to the State Duma -« çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru ») Democrats did not pass because it was vbros in favor of ruling party and vote blurry», - setovala «Gazete.Ru» press secretary Boris Nemtsov Lilia Oak. By the middle of the night, it became clear that the ATP overcomes the 7-percent barrier in the five regions - Samara, Tomsk, Leningrad Oblast, the Komi Republic and the Stavropol region. In Moscow and Orel areas of law is not enough to overcome the 0.2% of the vote. «Certainly, I am dissatisfied with the results - confessed« Gazete.Ru »SPS leader Nikita Belykh. - But we must understand that was the reason. If we scored 10%, and we counted 7-8, is not the work of our staff. Following the elections, we will give his assessment ».

In the Vologda region in Parliament hit farmers with the result of 11%. Vologda became the only region where farmers were allowed to participate in the elections. In Samara, also for a single region, were unexpectedly successful «green», received 8%. This is the first region where the party has made a major in environmental issues, was able to show any significant results.

Text: Alexei Levchenko, Dmitry Vinogradov

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