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Fatal blunder.

In Samara, a passenger plane crashed Tu-134. Earlier, rescuers reported that during approach in heavy fog conditions airliner's wing of the foundation strip - and collapsed into pieces.

But Prosecutor General's Office argues that the Tu-134 villages by the band - and to blame for this crew of the aircraft. According to the MOE, killed seven people.

Saturday morning at the airport of Samara crashed airliner, the Tu-134 of UTair. 65-021 thousand board acted flight number 471 from Surgut to Belgorod with an intermediate landing in Samara. The accident occurred around 9.40 Moscow time during approach to the Samara airport Kurumoch.

reason for the disaster still fairly unknown.

As originally appeared unofficial data from the ship for some reason failed rack chassis, told В«Gazete.RuВ» GO and CHS in the Samara region.

According to rescuers, and failing to overcome a technical problem, the crew decided to sit on the aircraft belly. After a few rounds to get rid of excess fuel, the crew brought the plane to land. Dropping to the limit speed, the pilots put the car.

Landing has been very tough - from the impact of land liner literally collapsed into several parts.

But later head of the Information Ministry of Emergency Situations Irina Andrianova said that the federal rescue of the technical problems on board the ship are unknown.

cause of the disaster, according to the MOE, has been a strong fog, which airliner landing hooked wing runway, transmits В«InterfaxВ».

indication of the strengths of the fog and the company confirmed UTair. As reported at the airline, Tu-134 crash in Samara airport occurred В«in difficult weather conditionsВ».

A closer to 14.00 Prosecutor General's Office reported that the plane missed by the band. As reported at the site office, В«during landing airliner landed for 400 meters before the beginning of the runwayВ».

Director of the Center for the operational management of the airport Kurumoch Anatoly Ilyin explained that, according to a preliminary version, В«the plane touched the ground when landing outside the runway, and then traveled about 400 meters, turned over left wing - and then collapsed В», RIAВ« News В».

In any case, to avoid loss of human life could not be saved. As initially reported in the EMERCOM of Russia, В«the impact of the three people were killed and 51 received injuries of varying degrees of severity. All on board the plane were 57 passengers В». Mass-media company UTair later passed that on board were 50 passengers and 7 crew members.

accurate information about the actual number of deaths, as of 11.00 was not recognized in the DPP and the disaster of Samara region. Lists of those killed and their number is refined: В«We have only just begun to receive the first informationВ», - told В«Gazete.RuВ» rescuers.

According to the MOE and the prosecution at 12.00, killed seven people. The same number of deaths indicated in the published list UTair. But at the operational control of the airport reported that, in fact, dead - six.

be confirmed and the number of wounded. UTair company previously stated that injured 13 passengers. Center for operational control of Samara airport around 14.00 passed on the 20 hospitalized, four of them in serious condition. A EMERCOM of Russia reported that the hospital reached 23 people, including six in serious condition.

Tu-134 crew survived. The commander of the crew received a fracture of the clavicle, flight mechanic hospitalized with injuries.

wounded razvezli to the nearest hospitals Samara. List hospitalized with an indication of the hospital, where they need to go, and later prepare a disaster medicine center, said В«Gazete.RuВ» Samara rescuers.

Hospitals undergo emergency surgery.

begun investigation into the causes and circumstances of the crash. Ministry of Transport of Russia set up a commission to assist the relatives of those killed and injured in the accident and ascertain the circumstances aviaproisshestviya, RIA В«NewsВ». Commission headed by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Boris Korol, it comprises the head Rostransnadzora Kurzenkov, head Rosaviatsii Alexander Yurchik, representatives of airlines and the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). Cformirovana and Technical Commission of Inquiry IAC disaster.

In doing so, the General Prosecutor's Office has reported that a preliminary version of the tragedy - the crew error.

Kuybyshevskaya Transport Prosecutor's Office, in turn, filed a criminal case under part 3 of Article. 263 Criminal Code ( В«Violation of traffic safety and operation of air transport, caused by negligence the death of two or more personsВ»), RIA В«NewsВ». It provides a penalty of imprisonment up to seven years.

know the reasons for the disaster will help decoding Flight Recorder: В«black boxesВ» already found and sent for examination.

Text: Lemutkina Marina

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