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Leaving the Matrix.

At 77 years old died after a long illness philosopher Jean Baudrillard.

In the first part, В«MatrixВ» hacker Neo opens Baudrillard book В«Simulyakry and SimulationВ», which itself is forgery - a repository for computer disk. It seems that in this episode of directors more willing to express my gratitude to the French philosopher than a desire to gracefully slightly cards. Ultimately, the influence of Jean Baudrillard in the intellectual climate of the world proved so great that the emergence of blockbuster, largely owes its existence his books - just another paradox of our time, one of many others, preparirovannyh in his works.

Another paradox could be that the philosopher himself, he did not consider its activities relating more to the field of literature, journalism , journalism.

poetry, we can add. Irritating its critics nevnyatnostyu, metaforichnostyu, frivolous use of the terms of basic sciences, Baudrillard was looking for language that would have involved the reader in the process filosofstvovaniya, out of balance, pushed for judgments not only rational, but emotional and intuitive features: В«Desert - a natural extension of the inner silence body. If the language, technology, construction of human essence of the spread of his design skills, only the spread of desert is its ability to absence, the ideal image of his form disappeared В».

Born in 1929, the events of 1968 on, he has established a man approached and scientists - studied and taught the German language, he defended his doctoral dissertation, which later turned into the book В«The system of things В», later engaged in sociology, taught at the University of Paris. In any case, the barricades, he was too ironichen and removed, while his idea of an all-out simulation of reality, the media plays in which modern politics has become, would have found the response among students, writing on the walls В«Eat the richВ». However, following his work В«consumer societyВ», published in 1970, was a clear imprint of the events.

widespread international fame for far from intellectual shtudy people Baudrillard received after the operation В«Desert StormВ» because of its paradoxical comment В«Gulf War was notВ».

Vpechatlenny ambitious mediakampaniey, camcorders, set to combat missiles, endless stream of news CNN, Baudrillard came to the conclusion that the meaning of modern warfare are not real victories, and their coverage in the media because society there is only what is spoken. The issue seemed far-fetched, and caused a lot of criticism, becoming yet another proof of contempt for the French philosophical school В«objective realityВ». Objectivity really in doubt - in the first place, at the Baudrillard, for whom two plus two always equal four, plus one who believes. No less inconvenience caused by his comments on 11 September and the war on terrorism.

77 years - now enough time to Baudrillard has become a living classic. With his departure, France has suffered irreparable loss - after all, the philosophy here is akin to hydrocarbons - national project, the source of influence and income. In any case, the word В«simulyakrВ» know everything. Readers are also to be - depending on preference - pleasure or irritation of his books. And also a sad occasion to reflect on the words of Baudrillard, wrote that В«death, perhaps, the only thing that has no utility valueВ».

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