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In the Stavropol Territory is planned to provide shelter to the year 2010 3 thousands of young families.

In the Stavropol region in the national project "Affordable and comfortable housing - the citizens of Russia in 2006 enacted a total area of residential buildings 763.2 thousand square meters.

- March 7, said in Moscow at a meeting of the Council on the implementation of priority national projects Stavropol governor Alexander Montenegro. According to IA REGNUM, the press service of the Governor of Stavropol, it was 108.9% of the level of 2005, or 103.4% against target for 2006. V2007 year by the national projects to be built 812 thousand sq. m. Housing. As part of the priority project in the Stavropol region to provide housing in 2007, 450 young families and at the expense of the federal budget to improve the living conditions of 281 people.

More than 60% built in 2006, housing in the province introduced by individual housing. The task exceeded by 19 the province.

In addition, in the province for the year 2006 issued by the mortgage and housing loans of more than 1,2 billion rubles. To create access to the use of mortgage or housing loan rate for the use of reduced to 11.5%. However, the problem deceived co-acute for the Stavropol region. Such firms are turned 28, out of which 25 are located in the city of Stavropol. And this is more than 2 thousands of their co-deceived.

in the province developed a regional program "Housing of young families, which by 2010 to provide housing to three thousand young families who are participants in the program.

for this purpose in the provincial budget for 2006 allocated 30 million rubles. In the municipal areas and urban edges, together with the Ministry in accordance established lists, issued certificates to 214 families receive subsidies.

formed the main and reserve lists for the 805 families who volunteer to participate in this subprogramme in 2007. Decision of the competitive commission of Federal Agency for Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy Stavropol region has been competitive selection for this year. Already prior notice to the allocation of federal funds in 2007, 39 million rubles in the provincial budget for this purpose is planned 76.4 million.

the corner of a competitive selection of 2 plots of land for settlement of their communal infrastructure for housing: in the cities of Stavropol and Pyatigorsk. On these sites, the project developed estimates for vneploschadochnye engineering networks and has already begun work on the construction of the lead-engineering services. This makes it possible to build housing a total area of over 300 thousand square meters. meters.

Stavroposky region prepares documents for competitive selection in 2007, another 10 stations in cities grateful Budennovsk, Georgievsky, Essentuki, Izobilny, Lermontov, St. Michael, Nevinnomyssk, Pyatigorsk.

After arranging for them to be more than 1 million square meters. square meters of housing. In addition, there is the intention to participate in the competitive selection of pilot investment projects for housing development "the South" city of Mineralnye Vody. It will be built about 1.3 million square meters. square meters of housing with a set of social infrastructure, in CAUTERETS includes 6 kindergartens to 1,5 thousand children, 5 to 6 thousand school places, shopping, entertainment and other facilities.

Oformleny documents to improve the living conditions of certain categories of citizens. According to documents planned housing 237 retired military personnel in the amount of 234 million rubles and 111 families of Chernobyl in the amount of 101,5 million rubles, 24 families of northerners in the amount of 19.3 million rubles and 76 families displaced by an amount of 81,5 million rubles.

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