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Who is to blame for skandalnom statement broadcast TV and Stavropol?.

In SGTRK made staff changes after televised live, which was signed a tripartite agreement of regional offices of the parties, SFOR, the LDPR and A Fair Russia "about the struggle for the resignation of Governor of Stavropol.

told the news agency REGNUM source close to SGTRK, the leadership of All-Russia State Television and Radio sharply reacted to the event. Yesterday, March 1, was appointed deputy head of the Stavropol branch of the Information TV program Cyril Sochilov once worked as editor of the Stavropol regional television studios. In recent years he has worked in other regions, was the magazine "the North Caucasus, leaving the central TV channels. In the media there are details of the resignation of director general SGTRK Michael Lucas, but in the Stavropol regional branch of the Russian TV and radio the information is not confirmed.

As previously reported, on February 27 during a debate broadcast live Stavropol State TV and among the leaders of local branches of the LDPR and Andrei Razinym ATP Boris Obolenets nezaplanirovanno took the seat next to them, the head of the Stavropol branch of "Fair Russia" and the Stavropol Mayor Dmitry Kuzmin.

He live has initiated the signing of a multilateral cooperation agreement. The document was signed. It noted that the parties signed the pledge in the future Duma edges express a distrust of the decision (retired) Governor of Stavropol Territory Alexander Chernogorova. They also intend for the elections to the State Duma deputies form the Stavropol zaksobraniya avoid taking into account the allocation of seats to representatives of the Russian political party United Russia.

Before the commission arrived in Stavropol State TV, where the deputy director of VGTRK Alexander Zdanovich and officer in charge of regional broadcasting, Petr Vasilev. Giving an assessment of events during a televised, the VGTRK called unscheduled invasion broadcast local chapter eserov as extremism. In any case, Alexander Zdanovich said that such cases do not occur in any region of Russia. Now Peter Vasil'ev until March 11, will work on SGTRK, which will oversee the election in the air.

officer SGTRK not comment on reports of a possible resignation of the head.

The source admitted that such statements can not be subsequently confirmed and subject to "razduvaniya" scandal to the State Duma elections in Stavropol in the interest of any party. This may be a repetition of the situation with the misinformation on the resignation of heads of TV "Samara" Fedor Aliev, who reportedly dismissed in connection with complaints of sympathy for United Russia. VGTRK soon denied this information.

Stavropol regional election commission immediately responded to the scandal in the TV SGTRK. It told the news agency REGNUM Secretary krayizbirkoma Alexander Firsov, a day after the televised meeting was held on the commission to kotrom it was decided to admit that SGTRK failed to protect the protected territory of the Stavropol City television against intrusion. As you know, Dmitri Kuzmin was the territory of the studio together in the head LDPR Andrei Razinym past vahtera. To guide SGTRK was sent a warning to take measures to protect sensitive sites, including the protection placed near the building from which the broadcast program. In connection with the violation of the protection of krayizbirkom appealed to the Prosecutor's Office, Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and the Government of Stavropol Territory.

for the separation of the parties' Fair Russia, the LDPR and the ATP have krayizbirkoma claims not.

Regional Branch of the party "United Russia" to comment on the agreement has not been, nor was a response to the scandal in the air SGTRK, noting that it is the prerogative of law enforcement agencies. However, the parties were reminded that the current electoral law prohibits the participation in the elections of party blocs and alliances.

Elections to the State Duma of the Stavropol region fourth convocation will be held on 11 March 2007. They are attended by the six offices of political parties: "United Russia", "Fair Russia", "Communist Party", SFOR, the LDPR and Patriots of Russia. "

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