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Agroholding zalet Russia oil.

January 20, at a press conference in IA В«Interfax-SouthВ» chairman of the corporation agroindustrialnoy В«AstonВ» Vadim Vikulov announced intention of holding by mid-2006 to bring the total capacity of the oil to 28 million bottles a month and take.

However, according to analysts, to achieve hegemony in the domestic market В«AstonВ» would be extremely difficult because of the shortage of raw materials and increasing competition from multinational corporations, which have already begun to be active in the region.

According to Mr Vikulova, with the launch in April 2004, Morozov masloekstraktsionnogo plant В«Magic edgeВ», as well as the acquisition Millerovskogo MEZa share of the corporation in the Russian exports of oil and shrota was 51, 4%. In the same segment of crude sunflower oil, this figure reached 54%. In April В«AstonВ» plans to run for В«Magic provinceВ» new bottling line (6.5 million bottles per month, with a view to increasing to 28 million bottles). In re MMEZa it intends to invest $ 12 million, which would increase the power of an enterprise with 500 tonnes to 1.3 tonnes per day. It was expected that eventually ezhesutochnaya total processing enterprises maslosemyan В«AstonВ» surpass 2 tons As Mr. Vikulov, as a result of these measures, the company expects to fly next year to take 25% of the domestic market of vegetable oil (in the present - from 15 to 20 %). This large part of it will be released under a new brand, to establish which В«AstonВ» allocates $ 2 million

Experts say the oil market, increased activity В«AstonВ» the need to strengthen their positions in anticipation of the arrival in the region of the largest transnational corporations, Bounge Limited, Glencore International AG, ADM , Cargill, etc. While they were only studying the oil market for the region. However, some TNCs have already begun buying assets in southern Russia and it is possible that in the near future they will pursue a more aggressive policy. And even the most successful local players will only sell their business and switch to other destinations, as well as to compete with TNCs in the fight for sources of raw materials, they are simply not able to. Currently, it is for this reason, some Russian companies ( В«CSOВ») has announced the sale of its oil assets.

Vikulov He did not hide the fact that he has already received offers from some guidance on the sale of TNK oil business holding company. But he said that at present does not intend to part with their promising SWC. Moreover, Mr. Vikulov believes that the reduction in sunflower crops in Argentina and Europe, gives Russian companies the chance to take a leading position in the world. В«But it will be able to use only those companies that have upgraded uspeyut timeВ», - emphasized Vadim Vikulov.

However, according to analysts, to achieve hegemony in the domestic market В«AstonВ» would be extremely difficult because of shortages of raw materials. A few days ago about its plans to launch in March 2005, a new vegetable oil extraction plant with a capacity of up to 4 tonnes maslosemyan per day (1.3 million tonnes per year), declared a local competitor of the corporation - agroholding В«South of RussiaВ» (brand В«Golden semechkaВ») .

Given that both the holding company expanding production capacity to about 6 thousand tons of maslosemyan daily, for them at least 80%-term use will need to download the entire sunflower grown in the south of Russia and the surrounding areas. And given the fact that on the same source of raw materials and other workers claim the region in large agroholdings ( В«RUSAGROВ», В«BouquetВ», В«CSOsВ», В«KMTВ»), plans В«AstonВ» Market experts estimate to be very problematic.

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