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«With the realization of defeat is impossible».

CSKA head coach Valery Gazzaev after the defeat in Tel Aviv on «Maccabi» from Haifa said that line of attack is extremely dissatisfied with his team, but the Israeli club coach Roni Levy siyal of happiness.

He acknowledged the significant achievement of the victory of his club.

«We just had to be scoring a goal. We do not have a large number of opportunities to do so, but, however, missed several chances that we will have an », - said at a press conference after the meeting, Valeri Gazzaev. - «Maccabi» struggled throughout the match, well look like in the first meeting, and the second and was honored as winners «.

CSKA coach also did not share the view that a team from Haifa, studied the game CSKA Cup First Channel and is crucially influenced the actions of opponent.

«In essence, the« Maccabi »in the game with us was just one moment that they used.

And, moreover, pointed to zapredelnuyu dedication Israelis, as in Vladikavkaz, and in Tel Aviv - said Army coach. - So what »Maccabi« I'm not surprised. With regard to CSKA, I am satisfied with the game, but no result. Already in three matches in succession, we can not score. With the implementation of golevyh moments it is impossible to win ».

Head coach Roni Levy of Haifa, was delirious with joy, saying that «a very, very, very happy» similar outcomes against the two clubs.

«This is a significant achievement for our team. The enemy was very strong », - said Levy after the end of the match.

At the same time, head coach «Maccabi» reiterated that gambling in evrokubkah difficult to play the club championship at home.

«Our team is a transition period. Important players, which have been achieved major successes in the past, gone. New just learned. It is therefore not surprising that our actions in the field lacked continuity », - said Levy. - In a duel with CSKA, I believed in his players. In these games you want success. And after two years is not very happy, finally, luck was on our side «.

author of the only goal in dvuhraundovom Russian-Israeli confrontation forward »Maccabi« Roberto Colautti said that the victory over CSKA - a great achievement.

«You can not ask more, once won a match, especially when you bring victory for the team.

most important thing is that we won, and remained in the next stage - quoting Colautti official UEFA website. - It was a wonderful game in all respects, and certainly in this important role played by fans, who continued to keep us from beginning to end. I am deliriously happy and I am not important to whom we will play in the next stage until we are playing at this tournament ».

Also on Friday the issue concerning the scandal, the investigation into the legality of UEFA's performances for the national team of Israel 20-year-old forward Toto Tammuz, Nigerian adopted Israeli families and children living in Israel but not until recently had his citizenship.

According to the ASE, the UEFA committee concluded that the evidence provided by the country's football federation, are sufficient to allow the 20-year-old forvardu continue to play for this team. As a result, Russia will have to stop the team to dream about the glasses, which would be added to the team box Hiddinka by the announcement of technical defeat Israel's national team matches involving the attacker, if the decision was upheld.

/ / Pavel Krasnov

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