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Convertible denunciation.

Enterprises, distribute wages in envelopes, will soon have access to a very unpleasant situation.

Pension Fund of Russia (RPF) in the coming months, could open in all regions of the special counseling centers where citizens can leave the information on employers paying В«blackВ» salary.

If fact konvertnyh salaries prove Violators will face penalties up to the criminal. The statement was made official in the RPF - and anonymously.

curious that the intention to create a receiving such information has now - at a time when the Government has just reduced the unified social tax (VAT listed company on the social security of its staff). According to the logic of the Government of reducing rates sotsnaloga would encourage employers to В«obeleniyuВ» wages. But the RPF seems to have no hope for a miracle. Fund officials earlier said that the reduction of social tax will create a shortage of pension money. But as the political decision to reduce the UST was taken funktsioneram fund was left with nothing but hope for their own ingenuity and the desire offended citizens quits with employers.

The very idea of setting up centers to combat unscrupulous employers is not new. For several years in parts of the local offices of the Pension Fund are trying to create something similar.

But so far suffered the collapse of the idea, because without otmashki from Moscow to do so did not give any money or people. For this campaign, and affecting the interests of workers and their bosses want, of course, the sanction of the center.

anonymous information about neplatelschikah unified social tax, if the counseling centers all the same to be opened, the staff Pension Fund will not be accepted, lest he be accused of fomenting donositelstva. However, if the worker does not postesnyaetsya В«layВ» his employer personally sign the statement required to begin proceedings. The beginning will be a call to the prevention and the requirement to appear in the RPF and deal with accounting, bare, of course, no one will not be fined. If information about nedoplate UST is confirmed, the case will be referred to the tax office and the prosecutor. For non-payment sotsnaloga head of the company could face a fine of 20 to 30 minimum wages, plus penalties, plus donachisleniya unpaid taxes earlier. If the amount of arrears exceeding 1.5 million rubles. Enter into force of the criminal proceedings.

В«BlackВ» and В«grayВ» salary scheme, according to the Pension Fund, practiced almost half of small and medium-sized Russian companies.

The creation of such centers could lead to massive blackmailed the leaders of such companies. Experts fear that the denunciation to the neighbor who В«baluetsyaВ» envelopes, will be the easiest way to win the competition. It is no coincidence that the fiscal authorities, who seemed to be most interested in the good performance of tax collection, is wary of large-scale actions to identify konvertnyh schemes. Fiskaly, as of course, otlavlivayut В«blackВ» earnings, but the campaign with the participation of citizens not to declare. В«It's your money, it's your social security, so you do have to try to settle on your business this issueВ», - explained in the Federal Tax Service. В«If you have agreed to work for the company, not platyaschem taxes, you should know what it couldВ» - this is the logic fiskalov. All the more so that the issue of wages in envelopes, usually indefensible without special operating businesses, which is filming or podslushka (and this in turn is only possible in an open criminal case). In an extreme case, could sgoditsya massive testimony, but it is really to have happened only after the fact of mass dismissals of employees, or be liquidated. Otherwise, all the parties for the time being happy.

cut the bough on which you sit, complaining to its director general, who would be unlikely. But if the employer fails parting with his employee, he may well try to В«take revenge for the honor porugannuyuВ». However, to restore their contributions to the RPF and other funds will be only on the court (which is sure to ask the evidence that the money konvertnye occurred), but the reputation of the company and its leader, personally these processes seriously В«podmochatВ». But officials from the Pension Fund daring catch В«blackВ» statements, it seems, will have to commit themselves to the state of good lawyers - that is not the case fell to the court. Lawyers, the armed printouts vacancies recruitment agencies, will have to prove to judges that the auto service of "Mercedes" could not get to $ 200, while the average wage in the area of PR has nothing to do with the В«whiteВ» 10 thousand rubles.

Irina Skliarov

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