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In the failures of CSKA blame Hiddink?.

Funny, but in yesterday's failure in Vladikavkaz CSKA coach Army normally does not blame himself, as the national team in Russia. Valery Gazzaev believes that the friendly match with the Netherlands national team, held a week ago, the main reason for the zero draw with В«MaccabiВ».

But, in my opinion, the team CSKA reasons for the failures we have to look only at himself.

How can we blame the army collections if they are all except Zhirkova, responsible primarily for the safety gate (Berezutski defenders, and goalkeeper Akinfeev stronghold half Aldonin). CSKA for reporting the fight was not able to master - scoring at least one ball. This season, the army evrokubkovom little clog, but with the departure of Ivica Olicha and trauma Wagner Lava striking gates rivals become even more difficult.

From the first minute surprise guests CSKA players are not only confident of playing defense, but also capable of attacking action.

Passage Masudi half the guests on the left flank ended with a strong blow in the frame of the gate Colautti Akinfeeva. After a few minutes the same Colautti again to open a bank account, but the ball after his strike flew close to the pole.

coach В«MaccabiВ» chose the correct strategy for the game, giving the initiative armeytsam and the first minutes of starting to play the second number on the counter. The headquarters of В«red-blueВ» to such a turn of events was obviously not ready - against CSKA struggled with his arms. Permanent marriage programs and general nespeshnost game navevala boredom scored in the home fans stadium in Vladikavkaz.

В«MaccabiВ» tactics minor foul interrupt all attempts Army scoring a goal.

Ramon and Krasich consistently wrong in the transfer, but Brazilian Jo was surprisingly nerastoropen and liabilities. During the break Valery Gazzaev replaced Aldonina on Semberas, a 60 th minute, appeared on the field, Daniel Carvalho. But В«MaccabiВ» these replacement has not troubled. CSKA controlled the game, but only with a penalty point Dudu missed. Zero-zero and now to return to the 1 / 8 finals of the UEFA Cup in response armeytsam game needs a victory or a draw productive (1:1, 2:2, 3:3).

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