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Red - it is beautiful.

Forget Umu Thurman - to rent out «Empathy Mrs. Vengeance», the latter part of the trilogy from the author of vozmezdii «Oldboya».

Place - this is a dish that is best to bring sweet. Beauty Gyum Ja Lee is able to bake the perfect strawberry tart, even in prison, with no food. After killing the monster, she said it with their naparnikami joint eating chocolate cake, black as sin. Naputstvuya daughter, gives her a white cake - white as snow, white as a piece of tofu, which gives ex-prisoners on release from prison.

Popsovo? Popsovo will happen next.

Gyum Ja Lee guiltlessly otsidela 13 years on charges of kidnapping and murdering the little boy and all these years, was preparing to take revenge on this killer. In prison, she cared for the weak, helping the disadvantaged and killed unjust and out of freedom, asked his former sokamernits on one service. With their help, she vysledila this murderer, who once took her daughter and 13 years of life. And forget about Umu Thurman, which is two consecutive series tunic, cut and cut all around to kill an old Bill. Gyum Ja Lee wasted no kills. Besides, she knows that revenge - a dish that must be heated before the lodge on the table. And raspravlyaetsya his enemy proxy. Imagine the characters «Murder in the Orient Express», ÎÁÄÅ×ÁÀÝÉ? transparent raincoats, not to izmazatsya in someone else's blood, and taking the hands of axes and knives.

And then photographs these plaschah against the background of the corpse.

Korean-shekspirovskie passion, killed children, parents obezumevshie from grief, otrublennye fingers, prostrelennye feet, drunken Australians, distorted face - the most fashionable today to Korean director Park Chan Wook shows perfectly the essence of emotions, raw piece passion, forcing the actors overact so badly that, with each frame, you can paint another picture comics. «Empathy Mrs. Vengeance», or, in Korean, «Mrs. Dobrja Gyum Jha», - the third part of «Trilogii about revenge» Chan Wook Park: the first was «Empathy Mr. Vengeance», at the whim of the film distributors will begin to show in Moscow next week , the second - brought together a bunch of prizes «Oldboy». «Empathy Mrs. Vengeance» - comic even more ideal than «Oldboy»: with the women's orchestra in Santa Claus costumes, with pafosnoy classical music in the right places, with a lifeless landscape on which the heroine bluzhdaet in their fantasies, with an ideal frame construction and visualization of a sudden the words «and true, that you are sitting here girl who shines?».

girl that shines, Yeung E Lee, played with Park Chan Wook in a lively and fierce «Joint Security Area», hired assassins came from «sympathy for Mr. Vengeance», and the main villain, teachers of junior classes, plays a slightly bloated Choi Min-sik - About De-soo of the «Oldboya». In general, brought together good friends and decided to play another show on the primitive feelings.

got a story that any parent has the right to kill: no wonder the main villain could not have children He can only kill them.

Artificial kill-billovskie River klyukvennogo juice forgotten when you see how much «sympathy to Mrs. Vengeance» vyteklo blood from one person. Red - it is beautiful. Scarlet-heeled shoes. Bordovye shadows by the beginning of the heroine's face came out of prison ( «Why?» - «So I look good»). Decoration for the cake - cream, whipped with something red. Popsovo? Oh yeah.

For this, and love.

In fact, the whole pathos, the whole popsovost Korean manga Shakespeare's most brutal like romances, blatnuyu lyrics that something like «Murka, Marusya Klimau forgive favorite» and «Ah, cornflowers, cornflowers ». The same nepoddelnaya emotion. The same basic motivation. The same nadryv. And me, unhappiness, iron, iron legs zakuyut. It seems to understand that the total garbage, but the heart enter the hysteria when entering the violin, and the closer to the finale, the stronger lyutsya real tears.

At the end of the movie, it is logical, as is logical, each comic will be very funny joke in the history of cinema with a cake in the face. But snow in the final stage is not so saccharine: on the set just unloaded two trucks of salt.

Sam Chan Wook Park explains that his interest to two things - fear and pain. Fear nakatyvaet directly in front of an act of violence, the pain comes after, and this applies to the avenger and his victim. And the viewer. The director knows how to keep the voltage can cheat audience intestine its acute zatochennuyu fork, let adrenalinovy poison in the blood system to the public. He was happy to see shows the process of hanging a little girl, and shows not only a moviegoer, but the parents of the deceased and the child, causing serious thought: The author - a genius, Simpleton or sadist?

Both are, and the third: he was a philosopher.

Biography Chan Wook Park is like a bad novel: he studied philosophy at Catholic University, worked as film critic, and in 1995-1996, according to the IMDB, trained in the space center, gathering fly to the station «Mir» and become the first Korean cosmonaut. It seems to understand that the total garbage, but I want to believe. Now, he explains that he likes the night to figure out how he will punish his enemies, and then falls asleep with a smile: «This is all still in the imagination, it is a sound therapy, and the more cruelty, the better». How to submit all - well, you can already do not kill. Still, all the sweetness of revenge turned out to be two trucks of salt.

«Empathy Mrs. Vengeance» says that the place - this dish, as much as his cast - each individual case. He said: «go!» - And waved his knife.

Text: Xenia Christmas

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