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В«Bill and I will beat KlitschkoВ».

Manual WBC withdrew from the responsibility for deciding on the next sopernike Russian boxer Oleg Maskaeva and urged the conflicting parties to an independent mediator.

Now representatives Maskaeva, Vitali Klitschko and Samuel Peter will meet on Monday in Mexico City.

impression that epic with a name to identify the next opponent for WBC heavyweight champion Oleg weight Maskaeva is coming to its logical conclusion, it was misleading. What, though, is to be expected. A final attempt to obtain permission to fight with honorable champion Vitali Klitschko WBC took Maskaeva promoter Dennis Rappaport, turning in an official letter to WBC president Jose Suleiman.

Rappaport The main reasons are the rules WBC, in which a champion should conduct a mandatory title defense, only once a year, therefore, following a similar bout with mandatory challenger Samuel Peter Maskaev should be held in August 2007 year. In remaining until that date, the Russian boxer, according to the promoter, has the right to meet with any other opponent

addition В«pressureВ» Rappaport, and the status assigned by the leadership of Vitali WBC, when he finished his career.

State Champion Emeritus, or В«honorable championВ», allows the resumption of a career in the event immediately to hold the title match, regardless of who will own them. And now it is this situation.

В«The delay and postponement of authorizing fight Maskaev - Klitschko will lead to the loss of many opportunities and income - sends word Rappaport - This is a complex undertaking, and the date of the meeting should remain unchanged for the international broadcast. Russian promoter must also adhere to the due date, because otherwise the planned venue for the bout will be unavailable. In addition to perform a host of other preparations. Given the foregoing, I respectfully request that you expedite this process and immediately approved and sanctioned the fight Maskaev - Klitschko. Time plays a crucial role В».

bout with Vitali Klitschko ardently wished himself Maskaev. В«I want to fight with Vitali Klitschko, because of our rivalry started early as an amateur, you need to put a full stop - said Maskaev. - I won it in the first round. He said that he was unable to continue to fight because of injury, but in fact his trainer threw the towel in the middle of the ring and stopped the fight В».

Responding to accusations of cowardice Samuel Peter (and of themselves such statements are not a rarity in the world of boxing), Maskaev said that the Nigerian boxer is still very young and his title fight may have to wait a little bit. Moreover, these words of a Russian boxer took over calmly. В«Throughout my career all my opponents say bad about me, - said Maskaev. - I have not heard from them a single good word. I'm used to it. Let said all he wants, I know only one way to find out the truth - to enter the ring, and there we will investigate who is who. All were expecting that he will say just that. But he is still young, he can wait. Since I have been the same. When it was assumed that I must meet with Rahman, when I had to get his first chance, they (WBC) overshadowed me to fight and did not take place. And Samuel Peter, too, can wait В».

to the dispute and the trial about his next opponent is a boxer is not going to get involved. Recently Maskaeva said that he is only what should be dealt with: trains, gaining form and ready for the future battle in normal mode. In the same resolution of the dispute, he hoped the leadership of WBC. В«I will accept any decision WBCВ», - he said.

Maskaev had hoped, and WBC was baulked. Moreover, its president Jose Sulaiman and even apart from solving this problem by using the loophole in the rules.

According to the President of WBC, he held talks with each of the parties, but how to resolve conflict is not found. But the decision still has. According to paragraph 5.3 В«guidelines and procedures WBCВ», the next step in resolving the differences will be В«compulsory mediationВ» - a process where selected in consultation with all parties to ensure an independent mediator for negotiations and an early resolution of a difficult situation. In the event that the parties are unable to agree on a conciliator, he will be appointed by the International Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

And finally Suleiman decided to throw in drovishek В«fire of warВ». В«Despite the fact that such differences do not enjoy anyone, we understand that they are part of boxing, and they can always be expected when at stake is the title of WBC heavyweight champion of the weight, recognized by many as the honorary trophy in professional boxingВ», -- said the WBC.

Thus, instead of clearly defined criteria for the selection of an opponent for the champion, WBC only fertilize a fertile ground for future conflicts such as that we are now witnessing.

Naturally, the parties to abandon the proposal did not, and now the representatives of Oleg Maskaeva, Vitali Klitschko and Samuel Peter will meet on Monday in Mexico City, where he will agree on the candidacy of an independent mediator.

Text: Sergei Rodionov

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