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Murat Nasirov went for God.

In the north of Moscow from the balcony of their apartment vybrosilsya singer Murat Nasirov. In the hands of his own portrait and a camera.

shortly before the death of the singer was dead musician В«A-StudioВ» Baglan Sadvakasov. Police believed that suicide - a consequence of drug abuse. Friends of the singer claim that the tragic accident occurred.

in Moscow ended with a singer and composer Murat Nasirov. It is out of their apartment window in the north of the capital. According to В«Gazete.RuВ» in law enforcement, a suicide occurred on the street Vuchetich, House 15, Building 1, about 23.00. 37-year-old Nasirov emissions from the balcony of his apartment on the fifth floor.

first in law enforcement said that the musician jumped from the balcony of the Orthodox icon in his hands.

GUVD As reported in the capital, the singer had died before the arrival of ambulances. In the law enforcement agencies saw what happened as an accident. According to police, who worked at the scene, a musician, most likely in a state of drug intoxication. Circumstances determined. In the near future, will be held the necessary expertise, said law enforcement agencies.

Investigators have already estimated the picture incident. According to them, met on 19 January Nasirov returned to Moscow on civilian wife Natalia Boiko. Together they arrived at the apartment on the street Vuchetich. At this point, there already was the mother of the girl Greta Boiko and two children Nasyrov - 6-year-old Akim and 10-year-old Leah, the agency В«InterfaxВ», citing sources in the investigative task force.

According to Greta Boyko, В«in the morning Nasirov behaved not quite adequatelyВ».

He was quickly went to the apartment, someone called it vskakival, then sat down, approached the window. And then he continued to behave restless, investigators say. В«In the car, he took his wife to the place where she had an appointment, then returned home and closed at its studio, equipped with directly in the apartment. He tried to sing. Then, in the vicinity of 22.30, came out and took his portrait, and children woke changed in concert dress. He constantly poryvalsya go to the balcony, but Greta Boyko did not allow him to do so. Then Nasirov jumped staircases and called in an apartment neighbor with whom they are friends families. Neighbors, he started yelling that he had a vision of God and the recently deceased guitarist "A-Studio" В», - told operativniki. Then, according to eyewitnesses, В«singer came to the balcony of their apartment, put a camera on his neck, took the hand of his portrait, and emissions from the fifth floor. It happened in 22.30 В», saidВ« Interfax В».

В«At 22.59 arrived on the scene to call relatives attire ambulance found death from injuries, are not compatible with life, have been the result of a fall from a height ofВ», - reported operativniki.

leading the investigation operativniki convinced that В«in this case of any kriminale there could be no question, this is trivial suicideВ».

According to the source, it is known that some time ago, Murat Nasirov was treated at a clinic specializing, among other things, the treatment of drug addiction. In this clinic, he was under a false name. However, while this information officially, no one has confirmed.

Director Nasyrov Alexander Skurihin confirmed the death of the actor, calling the incident an accident. There are no prerequisites for the suicide, he said, he did not notice. В«Do not believe anything that is said about drugs. It was an accident В», - he said in a conversation with the correspondent ofВ« Gazety.Ru В». Nasyrov funeral is expected to take place on Monday, January 22, said Alexander Skurihin.

Relatives and friends are planning to carry the body of the singer at his home in Alma-Ata.

the first time on Murate Nasyrov talk after the competition В«Yalta-91В», in which he won the Grand Prix. Widely known for the Russian public, he has been through hitu В«The boy wants to TambovВ».

Nasirov was born in Alma-Ata, after school went to serve in the army in Ashgabat, where he started his musical activities. Moved to Moscow and entered the Gnesinskoe College. Compatriots from group В«A-StudioВ» introduced him to a producer who helped him to release four albums. A month ago, the singer turned 37 years old.

Musician «A-Studio» Baglan Sadvakasov (guitarist and soloist), which supposedly prividelsya singer, died in August last year during a three-car collision at the intersection of highways and streets Zvenigorodsky 1905 year in the center of Moscow. After the collision with the «ëÁÍáúÏÍ» musician jeep ablaze. In the car with him was his friend. To save them failed.

similar occasion with Murat Nasyrov suicide several years ago with another musician - a former soloist with the group В«Ivanushki InternationalВ» Igor Sorinym. 1 September 1998 the singer was taken to the intensive care unit 71 th hospital after a window out of the sixth floor of an apartment rented. In the hospital he was taken in serious condition with a broken cervical spine. He had an operation, subject to the special plate, but his condition remained critical (Igor was unconscious and paralyzed) and he died on September 4. According to friends of the dead, suicide may be associated with an unsuccessful attempt to start a solo career as a musician since the departure of the group. After the death of Sorin became aware of several cases of suicide among its poklonnits.

Text: Irina Petrakova

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