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67 years ago, was born Vladimir Vysotsky.

His birthday every year note and in Russia and abroad, all those for whom he became an idol in the difficult years of the so-called standstill.

at the Cultural Center Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky Taganka attention of the public submitted Vysotskiy personal belongings from the family archives. Visitors can see the school notebooks and friendly ÛÁÒÖÉ to friends, students, letters to the mother and the many gifts that he brought from distant travel, as well as rare photographs, sent from all over the world. The collection presents notebooks with its first rifmovannymi lines, which have not yet seen one. For the first time show and the original letters Vysotskiy to the newspaper "Pravda" and of the CPSU Central Committee on the game set up for him in the Soviet press.

"I want only one - to be a poet and artist for the people that I love," - wrote the poet.

20 years after these events Vysotsky was awarded Gospremiya, his name is called a star, but after a few years of the most disgraced poems have been included in school curricula.

held and the annual award ceremony Vladimir Vysotsky "My track" to hold the director of the Cultural Center Museum in . S. Nikita Vysotsky V. Vysotsky, with financial support from JSC "TransTeleCom Company. This year's celebration was held at the "Mosfilm. The first prize laureate "My track" became the editor in chief of the radio station Ekho Moskvy Alexei Venediktov. Prize he presented a doctor Leonid Roshal, who remarked that "if it even received a quarter of the prize, it would be enough for life, as this award a great man."

Stanislav Govorukhin recalled that "in life for mere mortals to see it or hear it extraordinary success." "The movie" Vertical "- our diploma film - could not exist without the songs Vysotsky, - said the director. - I still can not understand how this young boy who had never seen the mountains, and knew not what climbing, could write such songs that defined the fate of thousands of people. Many of our most famous mountain climbers, I recognized that they have chosen that this courageous, moral way of life, thanks to songs Vysotsky. And are we, in the early 60's, not even knowing the author personally ; are just hearing this hoarse voice from bad tapes and listening to his songs, let's say about the war, could not assume that I wrote these songs are not wounded soldiers, the last fire, water, trenches, an attack artnalety and cheerful boy, a young man with Third Meschanskoy.

Another Prize laureate named captain of the team riders, who for many years, are leaders in their class - a class of heavy trucks cars on the rally "Paris - Dakar" Semyon Yakubov.

"We were raised on these songs and I am sure that many of our characters is the fact that invested in their songs Vladimir.

We thought then that these songs about us, about our lives, we were almost the same age. From the height of the current year, I can say that we have been profoundly wrong. Songs Vladimir - they are all related. "

Third laureate Sergey Abolemov, thanks to the courage of which continues to be the northernmost Arctic weather station on the island Wiese. He did not want to leave his post and stayed at almost one. For years, are without supplies, it was manually oil from an abandoned military part, and not only to maintain the station, but also improved, computerized it. And perhaps most surprising - the last seven years with him wintered his wife and daughter.

"About Vladimir Vysotsky said a lot of words about all the many individual talents, - said a close friend of the actor, director Alexander Mitta. - But it was another amazing talent, which I do not know equal: he was a talented friend.

He gave the same number of people happy friendship. That's a thirst for life, interest in life - the amazing ability to give the man a lot and make it a lot.

I do not know equal, so perhaps he has so many songs. "


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