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Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera - one of the most popular in recent years, American designers. Not least because it likes to dress Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zelvegger, Selma Hayek and other celebrities.

Carolina Herrera started her career in the mature years (as she contends, "just as it") about a quarter of a century ago, and because of its restrained taste and moderation has been successful. Fan of things from the Carolina Herrera has been globally recognized standard style Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Apart from Herrera did not shock, do not become byword outside fashion circles as the ingenious tricks "hooligans haute couture, but willingly raskupayutsya - as rovesnitsami designer, so elegant and representatives of the younger generation.

But popular as it is very usual in the fashion world, design is often the name still does not have a dress, a perfume line. They Errera lucky: aromas "212 and 212 for Man", named for the numbering administration Manhattan - roughly the pulsating heart of America - not the first to experiment designer perfume, but certainly the most successful. They made their world-renowned designer.

In late October, Carolina Herrera was able to see it in person, arrived in Moscow to participate in the prize of Russian version of the magazine Glamour: nominal premium zaokeanskoy guest of her own hand Tina Kandelaki . However, a premium of Carolina Herrera is not limited. Already in another time and another place, namely in the lobby of the first floor TsUMa when confluence of journalists and VIP-clients, it has awarded the department rossiyanok, succeeded in its opinion on the artistic and business endeavors.

guests expected zaokeanskuyu celebrity, drinking cocktails and zakusyvaya klubnichkoy, more than an hour. From time to time arrived, a Russian star, that razbavlyalo boredom expectations and gave the job of journalists. Thus, for fifteen minutes attention attracted Sati Casanova, which was at an event in the red and white suit, with ultra yubkoy, with bright alym (under the color of lipstick) lakirovannym bow at the waist and travel bag in the form of tufelki on a thin kabluchke. "Fabrichnitsa tells everyone to journalists about his relationship with the spirits of Herrera.

Finally on a specially built low podium rose Catherine Strizhenova in a beautiful evening dress (of course, from Carolina Herrera) and invited to go to Carolina Herrera impatiently awaiting its guests. Fashion designer appeared in busily-naryadnom frenchike black massive perlamutrovyh busah, lush golden skirt and elegant open tufelkah to shpilke at Bos leg. As in the audience whispered, "for his years, it looks like th-th!

attention and awards from the hands of the designer won five Russian women - in a strange coincidence, they all were, if not blonde, something close to it.

Producer Baroness Catherine von Gechmen-Valdek won the attention of the guests for success in business. Figure skater Maria Butyrskaya - for Olympic chempionstvo. Singer Eva Polna received as a gift from Carolina Herrera super this season, a great bag and very glad: "I love bags, but not what to buy, I'm always small - that this would be fine."

Eva told "Gazete.Ru" that collects perfume bottles, and in her meeting with all the bubbles from the spirits of Carolina Herrera, including limited editions.

Prize for continued acting dynasty received Anna Terekhova. As an actress, she was like spirits "212 Sexy" of Herrera, a gift to her friends. The latest award received TV Olga Rodionova: Beauty thanked the designer for the perfect English, but that, in turn, promised in the next coming to talk to Muscovites in Russian and expressed his admiration for the elegance of moskvichek.

then satisfied guests disagreed, awarding Carolina Herrera applause, but the journalists remained. Followed by improvised press session, during which an American designer to answer some questions "Gazety.Ru.

- Creativity what designers - classical and contemporary - do you like?

- I like the Balensiaga , I love the fact that they do Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld . Of the young contemporaries, I would like to mention Nicolas Geskera.

- Do not you think that the modern, practical clothes to replace the elegance and classical music?

- Nobody wants to look ridiculous, so I think women and men will never abandon the classical restraint. And in order to make an elegant dress in a note of modernity, extravagance, provocation, often quite bold accessories, whether a bag, scarf or jewelry.

- you've created a few sensual, loved by men and women fragrances. Do you think it is great whether the role of scents in love?

- is extremely high! With the smell of "their" spirits of people presents itself to world peace chuvstvennom level. Aromat inherent loved one, it is impossible to forget the years, it is instant recognition, beredit feelings. I believe that two loving people should select a pair parfyumy - because they made greater harmony in their relations.

Text: Veronica Gudkova

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