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Herringbone with the scent of jasmine.

One of the main prime Paris auto show - Citroen C4. The new French hatchback Golf class is able to independently monitor the road, may awaken zasnuvshego driver and will not exceed the speed.

inside of the car smells like flowers and spices. This will be particularly the way in December, when the new Citroen will come to Russia.

In the automotive world is fashion neoklassikoy. Designers whether from a lack of their own ideas, whether from nostalgia copy machine of past years. Outside and inside many modern cars a lot of chrome parts, some vehicles (Ford Mustang 2005, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Mini) styled by his predecessors, running on the roads a few decades ago.

Citroen C4 with three in the body - this mishmash design sophistications.

shape of the body, especially the rear windows - В«architectureВ» Heritage Citroen Cx, produced from 1974 to 1990. Incoming fashionable reverse slope rear window as the Renault Megane II, still recalls one sitroenovskoy car - Ami 6. The very same glass, consisting of two halves, and decorated with small-spoylerom shelves, apparently inspired by mersedesovskoy trehdverkoy C-Class. A taillights machine that was taken off the В«keelsВ» of a Chevrolet Bel Air or the Ford Crown Victoria middle of last century.

For those who prefer the traditional style of fusion cuisine, as well as for the French zakorenelyh pragmatists pripasli pyatidvernuyu version of Citroen C4 . Also nice, but too.

Inside, both cars look the same. No strelochek and painted tsiferok on the dashboard is no more, instead they are now multicolored electronic displays. And Snake tachometer, as it should be, under the nose of crawlers, or rather, under the wheel of the driver, the speedometer and put on public display midway torpedo. The front panel is made in the form of a large table in the minivan.

most original parts of machines - the wheel. The rim and the hub of it - quite distinct parts. And when the rim is spinning, boss of the company herringbone and various useful buttons remain in place.

French promise that in the cabin of C4 will be very quiet. Because there, they boast, and a thick glass (3.82 mm instead of the usual 3 mm), and double door seals, the same sitroenovtsy good job of aerodynamics (drag coefficient of air coupe - 0,28, the pyatidverki - 0, 29). So audiofily be able to install a steep В«MusicВ» save shumoizolyatsii and pedestrians will not have to stop one's ears from rvuscheysya from the salon-Thani Bulanovoy.

And in C4 will not crowns, elochek and other toy-flavors. As with В«SitroenomВ» seems to avtoledi are spirits.

They poured into the capsule-dispenser, which zasovyvaetsya in the slot on the В«priborkeВ». Scents of jasmine and sandalwood will fumigate passengers through the established system of ventilation. In addition to sandalwood and jasmine in В«SitroeneВ» can breathe more lotus, cinnamon, citrus fruits, mint, ylang-ylang, lavender and vanilla. Still, some customers may well prefer a bouquet of themselves compose their favorite car, and smell sweet heart chamomile, presenting himself not sitting in the passenger car, while tsvetuschem meadow. There is not enough just blue skies.

to enjoy on the go В«belogrivymi loshadkamiВ», you need to pay a little bit. Then the ceiling instead of cream in the machine will be a transparent glass roof. If the top in the cabin will stare bus passengers and truck drivers, you can close the special shtorkoy.

A C4 is a system of warnings similar to the trajectory (lane departure warning). It followed the lines of partition and, if the car crosses the continuous or broken markup begins В«shakeВ» driver's seat with the party, which leads car. The system includes at speeds of 80 km / h. In addition В«povodyryaВ», there are cruise control, front and rear parktronik sensor and tire pressure. Especially, for law-abiding evrovoditeley in C4 is programmable speed limiter. Asking the ceiling, you can press down the accelerator pedal, but the car does not go faster. In addition to these pieces of C4 is the usual range of active and passive safety: ABS, EBD, ESP, Traction control, front and side curtain air bags and safety.

length with three C4 - 4260 mm. Pyatidverka to 1.3 mm long because of the slightly different rear bumper. The width of vehicles, respectively, 1773 and 1769 mm, Height - 1459 mm. Wheelbase - 2608 mm. The amount of luggage - 342 liters of the coupe and 352 liters in pyatidverki.

At C4 will put five petrol engines and three diesel. Gasoline engine capacity from 1.4 to 2 liters develop 90, 110, 138, 143 and 180 hp Diesels volume of 1.6 and 2 liters, issue 92, 110 and 138 hp

Petrol C4 city «eat» from 8.7 to 11.7 liters per hundred. Diesel cost 6-7 liters. The most ÓÌÁÂÅÎ�ËÉÊ of «re-quarters» accelerate to 100 km / h in 12,8 sec and gets up to 182 km / h. The most powerful gathering of hundreds of 8,3, and accelerate to 227 km / h.

Sales Citroen C4 in Russia will begin around December, reported В«Gazete.RuВ» in the representation of the company. About prices still do not know.

Text: Dmitri Kiselev

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