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Sex on the power vertical.

The Young Communist Vasily Koltashov in the book В«Eros and bureaucracyВ» looked in the pants to Russian officials. And then otpryanul.

title of the book «Eros and bureaucracy: Sex in the life of Russian officials» brings to his readers as the sign «Etiquette» - pytlivogo teenager. Technologically, this is the correct phrase: on the nearest newspaper «Life», and the style - small magazine «îÅÐÒÉËÏÓÎÏ×ÅÎÎÙÊ margin», where bravye sociologists yazvyat present their scientific instruments. Unfortunately, the title of the technology business has been exhausted. But the response provided.

Not so whether to seek the author tried to convince the reader that the case for him more important than words?

Vasily Koltashovu 27 years old, he hails from Novosibirsk, Education - Engineer puteets, vocation - a psychologist and political analyst, based on activity - a journalist and analyst. Even in the first courses the institute came to the Communist Party, quickly brought into the ranks of the activists, was promoted from secretary to raykoma member Communist Youth Union Central Committee (CCM), whose vdohnoviteli were dissatisfied with the stagnation in the ranks of the Communist Party, its sluggish compromises with the authorities and poor initiative. Energy Koltashova could envy: expose the ruling class, polemiziruet with the factions and the party establishment, writes as institutions. Some books (at least, so they called on the network) had already written a few pieces, namely: a brief sketch of the foundations of Marxism and dialectical textbooks on psychology and political leadership, В«Two years of motionВ» - a historical overview of the activities of the new left in Russia.

Along with Marxism and psychology Koltashov keen on science fiction and even wrote a novel with a very characteristic title В«triumphant mindВ».

No wonder Boris Kagarlitsky Mikhail Delyagin, and invited him to work for themselves in the Institute for Problems of Globalization (IPROG). Koltashov now lives in Moscow, and his books are published in scientific publishing.

According to the annotations, which the author wrote for his current employer, the book В«is replete with examples and detailed observations, demonstrating an excellent knowledge of the author of Psychology, erotic taste, manners and sexual nature of the national bureaucracyВ» . It was not very clear what is meant. Perhaps Koltashov and has psychoanalytic practice, including working with Russian officials.

client did not choose.

Perhaps officials and affected by such systems, which fit to allocate them in a group with specific symptoms. But all that is described in its Koltashov, frankly, very few examples, refers not so much to the officials, but to the general population deesposobnomu Russia. The extreme passivity, ready to turn into aggression. The extreme individualism against the background of atrophy of personal responsibility. The suppression of desires, fear of their own imagination and, consequently, the propensity to perversiyam and casual contacts. This is a characteristic of society in a state of decay, rather than private, though large, stratum of Russian officials. The author believes that the inevitable collapse of the bureaucratic system as a result of the dissolution of the person behind the system. The idea in theory, no doubt, but, unfortunately, is not trivial, and confirmed in practice. Anyway, for now.

excellent yellow theme Koltashov failed in the best tradition of a В«Red StarВ».

He did not drop below oblicheny boring, even though sexual igrischa bureaucrats in single-pidzhakah - still a cause for joy. Not posmeeshsya himself - dare over you. В«It is the nature of anal act makes it one of the most popular in the conservative environment of the Russian officials sexual performances. The special moments of fantasy associated with anal contact is common for men include the need to imagine how a woman vsovyvaet his finger into the anus, proiznosya В»perverseВ« words like: В»Well, now you zavelsya dirty dog ...В« (grammar and punctuation preserved).

So you see pylkogo communist for a desk, putayuschego men's and women's race and forget to place commas, so it raspalyayut anal contact with Russian officials.

Even the question of the origin of this information does not immediately come to mind. And when it comes, it only reinforces the anger, which are the author's twist of the tongue, and his inattention. Written proposal is sometimes reread. Even if the В«book is published in the author's editionВ», as politely said the publishing house. The author's will - by law. However, the Communists felt otherwise.

Vasily Koltashov. В«Eros and bureaucracy: Sex in the life of Russian officialsВ». M.: В«KomKniga / URSSВ», 2006.

Text: Yan Levchenko

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