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Don divided into three.

The journalists showed the first episode «Pacific Dona», the last project of Sergei Bondarchuk, mounted by his son Fyodor.

total of seven movie series, and its premiere will be held on November 7, at the «First».

to return the painting to Russia took thirteen years of negotiations and litigation. «Call Ernst - says Bondarchuk Jr. - said:« You're standing? So sit. Villages? Lit something. Proydis-ka ». My answer: «I can not be had, not Tom, what's wrong, then?». And he: «» Quiet Don »in Russia». In a press conference in addition to the Ernst and Bondarchuk took part, Karen Shakhnazarov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Rudensky and Frenchwoman Delphine Forest, the role of performer Aksinya. Plus, representing the interests of the Russian side in Italy wife Irina and Valery Suriname - a figure less than the public, but played in the return «Pacific Dona» meaningful role.

history of the conflict is known. The film was shot in the early 90's on the order of the Italian producer Enzo Rispoli, which Surin said so: «Rispoli - not very easy, but not very bad people. He decided to shoot two films at the same time, he took a big loan from the bank, that is, the intentions were like normal. But he did not deliver. The film was arrested. Incidentally, the last few years that we have communicated with Rispoli, I heard from him about Sergei Feodorovich only kind words. I would like to see his family knew about it ». All this time, 160 thousand meters photographed film lay in a bank vault. As a result of negotiations, in which the promotion, according to Ernst, such as pouchastvoval Putin, the two sides agreed that

options «Pacific Dona» will be three: Russia for the 7-series version, three full-length film, owned by Rispoli and oriented to the world rolling, and the Italian film, which is not yet finished.

Press Conference went smoothly, while sitting in the hall of simple Japanese televizionschik not said how and what kind of «ôÉ?É? Donov» could buy for the hire of Japan. «Of course, you can wait for the TV version of Rispoli, who has not yet completed - responded guest Ernst. - But we believe this «Pacific Don» ours, and it would be good if the great country of Japan saw it was his ». «But the three-film version of the Rispoli is ready - intervened Surin. - You can talk about it with my wife buying - the representative of the solar Italy ». «This is the world's film Rispoli - parried Ernst - but it Theodore S. and« Channel »relationships and do not have any artistic responsibility for it does not have».

«Since I took all imaginable and unimaginable commitments not to comment on the Italian side and Mr. Rispoli, who is so love our family - after a pause he said quietly zakipayuschy Bondarchuk. - Just do not see this movie, not zaparivaytes. See our version ».

In addition to the installation of computer processing images and much work has been done over pereozvuchkoy «Pacific Dona»: all the original actors, including her husband played Aksinya Stepan Boris Scherbakov and his wife Irina Skobtseva director (his mother Gregory Melikhov), spoke in English. The new version of Rupert Everett voiced Maxim Sukhanov, Delphine Forrest - Marina Zudina and Murray Abraham (the father of Gregory) - Sergei Garmash. However, the feeling of irreparable strangeness happening there in the first episode. «Grisha, are you?», - Asked Skobtseva saw at the outskirts of a village delanno pozevyvayushego Everett, who, despite the blue Cossack homespun trousers and long shirt, did well, not Cossack. «I am, Mom. And then who w? ». For krasavtsem genially watching something similar to Yurskogo in «Love and blue» Murray Abraham in vatnike and blemishes cap.

reaction of the Russian population to return «Silent Don» difficult to predict.

artistic poorly accepted Basilashvili-Voland and Begemotom of beaver lamb, by the middle of the series citizens, can be, cease to startle, zavidev brotherly kisses in the performance of Everett and the stars «Dalnoboyschikov» Vladimir Gostyukhin, which will facilitate modulation lulling voice reading the text of Nikita Mikhalkov. Certainly it is clear is that in the case of «Don Pacific» we are dealing with a real tragedy, the drama of life is not so much a family Melikhovo, as the Soviet classics - zatravlennogo lion, not uspevshego learn to live and work on new ethical and economic laws and forced to compromise . The short film about the shootings «Pacific Dona», where Everett bears «þÁÊËÅ» Moscow sample August 91 th year, and the Italian kinoshniki, it is all so similar to the crooks, complained that «Russia - the country is unusual, but Can we go a year without amenities? », Bondarchuk said:« By the end of filming, we all become Cossacks ». And something in his look suggests that it is right that the new laws, he never learned.

Text: Sergei Sinyakov

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