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Yushchenko signed a decree on the rehabilitation banderovtsev.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree "On the restoration of justice for members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), said Radio Liberty.

According to the decree, soldiers of OUN-UPA recognized belligerent during the Second World War. The Communists, in response said that will not allow the adoption of a law on the rehabilitation banderovtsev.

President of Ukraine, according to the UNIAN news agency, told reporters in Sumy region, which will insist on early consideration of the Verkhovna Rada a bill on the status of soldiers OUN-UPA. В«As president, I do not define this status, but I can induce power, including the Parliament, to consider the matter and decide on the merits. This task order, which I signed this morning В», - said the head of state.

Speaking on the issue of historical reconciliation soldiers OUN-UPA and Soviet Army, the president of Ukraine, once again pointed out: at the core of this conflict is distorted knowledge of the relevant historical period.

He noted that the conflict should be resolved as soon as possible. В«We must give an answer to the question of historical justice, to pay tribute to everyone who fought for this landВ», - said the President. According to him, delaying resolution of this conflict will only make a further division in society.

Yushchenko recalled that a year ago ordered the government to establish a commission, which was to conduct a thorough historical study of the role and place of OUN-UPA. The Commission completed its work for about four months ago, and now it is necessary that, on the basis of these studies was introduced in Parliament legislative initiative, which would identify the status of soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. UPA, led by Stephan Banderoy of the Great Patriotic War and fought against the Nazis and against the Soviet army.

today - in the 64 anniversary of the UPA - in the center of Kiev have been massive unauthorized rallies nationalists and leftists.

policemen and spetsnazovtsam managed to prevent a collision. Arrested between 10 and 30 representatives of left-wing forces tried to break through the cordon special.

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