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Danish farmers are acquainted with the Kuban.

From 2 to 6 October 2006 in the Krasnodar region was on a business trip the delegation heads of companies, experts and farmers from Denmark, who met representatives of the Department of Agriculture and Processing Industry of the province.

The purpose of the arrival of Danish delegation was acquainted with the Kuban, visit investment sites potentially suitable for investment and to discuss the revitalization of both sides on the development of the Danish pig production technology in the territory of Krasnodar region.

According to news agency REGNUM in the department of agriculture and processing industry of Krasnodar region, on a program of the host delegation (35) October 3, visited the training-industrial complex "Piglet" uchhoza " Kuban "Kuban State Agrarian University. Met a fellow Danish manager Christian Damgaard SГёrensen, who briefed the guests with state of the breeding pigs, imported from Denmark and the growth of their offspring.

delegation visited former Fattening systems for growing cattle "Maryansky" Krasnoarmeyskogo and hydrofoils "Kalinin (now" severability ") Kalinin areas that could be reconstructed for breeding pigs.

On the same day, the Danes have visited the North Caucasus Regional Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture. In a continuation of the visit of the delegation visited on 4 October Vyselkovsky area. Accompanied by the head of the Department of Sergei Zhilenko and general director of ZAO "Company" Agrocomplex "Paul Chehlanya visited livestock farms" Agrocomplex, where a complete production cycle of growing pigs on Danish technology, and in seclusion "Beysuzhek-2" - with new agricultural technologies . In the process of exchanging views Danes expressed a positive evaluation of these enterprises.

On the same day, the Danish delegation, Vice-governor of Kuban on APC Nikolai Dyachenko and other officials. The meeting was held in a "round table". It was attended, in addition to members of the Danish delegation, heads of offices of the department managers of large farms and small farms edges involved in pork production. Opening the round table, Diachenko briefly acquainted with the basic features of the province and its economic component.

During the debate, in which the parties involved with the Danish president of Dan-Pig "Mr. Kent Skening, managing director of Grokiar Interneshnel" Mr Hans Fisker, who supported the general idea of the possibility and necessity of investing in development of pigs in the Kuban.

final part of the visit of guests from Denmark, was acquainted with the sights of the regional center, visiting the famous wine-making enterprises "Abrau-Dyurso and the city-resort Anapa.

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