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At Kubany begin construction of Ice Palace.

International Ice Hockey Federation authorities Kubany handed a certificate to the ground, where it will build an ice palace.

According to IA REGNUM, the press service of the city of Sochi, the certificate award ceremony was held at the place where, in June 2006, was laid stone Olympic Park. The ceremony was attended by the governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev, the Vice-Governor Alexander Remezkov, the International Ice Hockey Federation president Rene Fazel (Switzerland), one of the leading designers of the organization, Charles Bott, the head of the administration of Sochi and the Russian "Joint management of the federal program, representatives of investment companies .

Upon ceremony certificate, Alexander Tkachev said that the Olympic prospects will enable the country to bridge the gap that arose due to objective reasons: it was believed that the development of sports in the south is not advisable.

But now there is an opportunity to prove that more can and should build a modern ice castles. "Today we vruchaem you a certificate for the land on which to build a key concept for the Olympic facility - the governor said, referring to the guests. - That means that you can begin to close the design work. We very much hope that the international federation, the Top experts will help make sure that it really was a first-class accommodation. "

accept the certificate from the hands of the governor, Rene Fazel first expressed admiration saw and heard, expressed hope that joint efforts will be spared to ensure that this place has the best in the world Ice Palace.

He emphasized that we are witnessing how the Olympic Games contribute to the development of new centers of power. "And that there will be the best, I have no doubt, because I know your perseverance, dedication, know your hockey," - said the head of international hockey organization. When asked about the specific dates and certain parameters of the future of the facility, he said that we are talking about the 12 thousandth the stadium and that work on the project should begin as soon as possible.

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