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There will be tough.

In Moscow, the festival will be held TERRITORIYA - pre-and a remarkable intersection of art, which few people will see.

In Moscow, a new festival. And it is not something zashtatny and superambitsiozny organized - an unprecedented case - not managers, but by the people of art. Yes even declaring himself above all a democratic exercise. It's called Festival of Contemporary Art TERRITORIYA, and the organizers of his chislyat actor Yevgeny Mironov and Chulpan Hamatovu, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, conductor Theodore Kurentzisa and only two people, and particularly involved kuratorstvom: Roman theater critic äÏÌÖÁÎÓËÏÇÏ (alias - one of the Art Directors Festival NET) and the music critic Boris Barabanov.

one and a half weeks, from 16 to 23 October in the «Territory» will take place three dramas and one dance, a few movies, a series of club gigs and a philharmonic, an exhibition of comics and a great poetic evening. And many classes of all the arts from various countries, arranged for 200 students, specially brought from the regional colleges and institutions of art Yaroslavl, Irkutsk, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Magnitogorsk.

festival from the beginning of the school calls itself, and the organizers solemnly declare that satisfied him «not for connoisseurs of art and aesthetes, and for young »(thereby bringing shame of young art lovers).

mark the festival - metro line, the organizers did not call the main line, a transfer station as a point of intersection of different artists. Moscow Metro (which is one of the sponsors and provides the station for some festival events) considers himself a symbol of underground and democratic orientation «Territory», because only here, under the ground, an attempt at a press conference worldly Chief Metropolitan Subway, «can be found tramp, and the word ».

But let us go step by step. First, about the ambitions. The names and the names of bands on which the program of the festival, indeed the first of several, each with a touch of some, if not scandalous, that experiment.

«Those who protect some sacred territory, this festival is better not to monkey», - the threat of said Kirill Serebrennikov, who presented the chief ideologue Mironov team.

«It's the best! Karl Marx - a German, a revolution has occurred here! »- Out of place Kurentzis rejoiced. And I insist that eventually the audience will not see that happening in the world twenty years ago, as is usually alleged to Russian activities, but the fact that everywhere you just ten years.

All of these statements, of course, the classic ponty - in «Territory» hundred percent premiere together with the events that have long been known abroad, and even those that are not the first time Moscow (such as the one tantsspektakl «Svadebka» Tatyana Baganova or performance Oleg Kulik «Kulik sandpipers eye vyklyuet»). In addition, the cost to make a discount to clear the organizers of ignorance about what happens to them in foreign fields of art (Serebrennikov, amazing art critics assured, a master-class Kulik - an extraordinary event, because it only abroad feel the famous painter, but we the number of urban madman).

But, of course, no Ponte and absurdity will not be able to spoil the impression of really high quality prepared and very expensive program. One of the main sponsors of the festival - Presidential Administration, which allows to perceive it as a pre-event.

another matter - democratism. Organizers announced «Territory» festival for young people and promised to make tickets for the event the maximum available - 100 rubles for students and up to two and a half thousand for all others. But in fact most of the events of the festival has become a totally closed. And not understand why you need to build up plays or poetry evening, even if the site «Territory» the question of where to buy them a ticket, honest answer: nowhere, tickets distributed Directorate.

But to hell arraignment, we'll talk about the program. It starts with all of the performance of Hungarian theater Kretakor «BLAKLAND». Tridtsatidvuhletny Arpad Schilling, who is now considered one of the main theater of hope in Europe, first traveled to Russia a year ago, the last NET, with a very modern and finely psihologichnoy Chekhovskoi «Chaiko». Now he will come with performance, it does not appear that saw Moscow: Parties submitting written «Black Country» together without any drama, based on normal sms-messages. Mrachnovaty form a concert review, representing Hungary in the current black light.

«This will be tough - quietly warned a friend of the organizing committee - in the first row does not get».

second performance of the theatrical program - «Demon. Top View »Laboratories Dmitry Krymov. Performances, which puts the artist Krymov gitisovskimi with his students, it is not necessary: in the past year and a half, they quickly famous and even advanced to the «Golden Mask». Value that the current prime minister, which will play in vasilevskoy the School of Dramatic Art, has financed itself «territory» (as do all reputable festivals, ordering them to set an interesting directors), and for that she has many thanks.

Finally, the last dramatic performance at the festival - «You, Volanchik (Fedra)» famous American The Wooster Group, dealing with the seventies in New York connection on the stage rights to the high technology. Of course, the director and the ideologue of the theater Elizabeth Lekomte no living human spirit will not, this operation is a cold and formal (knock badminton volanchika here - similar klassitsistskogo dialogue otbivayuschego replica go-here). But, speaking of the performances of The Wooster Group, all aspirate mention the names of artists on the lighting, sound and video. In short, we have finally been brought in the original pale copy of which has already been quietly settling in Russian theaters, vytaskivayuschih on stage screens and computers.

And because the U.S. has no organizations supporting cultural exchanges, the arrival of the original cost of money, which few something other than the presidential administration, could have his pay.

With regard to the dance, apart from the old «Svadebki» Stravinsky's best domestic modern dance - ekaterinburgskie «Provincial Dance» - and bring odnoaktovku «After the engagement» music Hervé Legrand made by order of the Western festivals and has already been shown in Europe.

in Tchaikovsky Hall Kuretzis hold only academic concert festival. It is intriguing not stellar performers, who also will be a specially written by young composers Dmitry Kurlyandskim, Sergey and Alexander Nevsky Schetinsky essays called «Lacrimoza». All club concerts «Territory» will take place in the largest metropolitan club «Orange». Their main unifying theme that came from abroad performers (say that most of them, without exaggeration, the stars) have Russian roots. Especially praise urozhenku Brazil Sibell, 20 th, she will sing in the «Apelsine» neofolk.

In addition, the program has exhibition project - «Trojan Rabbit», visual reflections of comic artists from Russia, USA France, Japan and the phenomenon of the rabbit in modern culture.

Draft will be held with the participation of Larry Hamy, a renowned New York art-activist, author and editor-publisher Marvel Comics, Vietnam veteran. The last significant because on the basis of personal impressions of the war appeared Hamy comic «JI Joe ». Sam Classic, an exhibition, will make a master-class «visual storytelling: The Art of Movement».

Well, one of the most ambitious festival events of domestic production - Evening at the Polytechnic Museum «100 minutes poetry». Kirill Serebrennikov, announced that today is not even silver, but a truly golden age of Russian poetry, chose ten poems of poets (shish Bryansk, Dmitry Vodennikov, Marianne Geyde, Alexey Kapustin, Yashka Kazanova, Dmitry Plakhov, Maria Protasova, Andrei Rodionov, Boris Red, Nailia Yamakova) and gave them Ten reader. As directed by the will of a very famous artist Anatoly White, Victoria Isakov, Andrei Kuzichev, Yevgeny Mironov, Elena Morozova, Artur Smolyaninov, Daniil Strakhov, Chulpan Hamatova with being affiliated with them akynom Psoem Korolenko will read poems risuyuschih surrounded by artists and musicians playing.

If one considers that some of these texts sound very radical, especially with scenes of the Polytechnic, remember evenings animated poets 60's, in rifmu that, obviously, and create «100 Poetry minutes », the latter event the festival can be zanyatnym and finish so chaemym organizers scandal.

Festival will be held from 15 to 23 October, the schedule to specify festival site .

Text: Dina Goder

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