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Served two traitor.

Send В«OtstupnikiВ» - dashing police thriller by Martin Scorsese with Nicholson, Di Caprio and Deymonom about how podsadnye ducks podsideli each other and how much through the people poleglo.

Immediately after the police academy, two graduates of Massachusetts В«sharedВ» on different sides of the barricades. One (Leonardo Di Caprio) introducing В«guiseВ» banditskoe hideout in the local pahanu (Jack Nicholson), the other (Matt Deymon) vykormysh this pahana, sent to the Criminal Investigation sabotaging justice in favor of its secret patron. Vzaimooborotnevy exchange was a success: each zaslannyh Kazatchkov spravno gadit the gates of the enemy, disrupting operations and delivers the appearance of their addresses. But one day they are ordered to find the В«rat-stukachaВ» - that is, each other.

And because each party is determined to dance the waltz В«BostonВ» on the graves of his enemies, it starts to smell badly lead.

Scorsese, was filmed in the new century, only expensive kostyumnye paintings returned to the asphalt streets with evil rimeykom Hong Kong superhita В«Double castlingВ». True, the sensual, brutal, uncompromising and unpredictable Scorsese, who were waiting for the return of many, most likely will not ever come back. Instead it was a skillful, molodtsevaty, energetic producer with an excellent understanding of the business, not otyagoschenny big ideas and nepodemnymi artistic challenges. Here actors considerable space and improvisation, he disputes and rapidly rushing with his film to meet a wide zritelskim masses. The company, scrupulously careful graphic violence, pathological vedlivost details and shocking dissection of human souls no longer occupy Scorsese mitigate either of age, or of the huge Hollywood budgets.

Everything works like a clock.

old operator MaГ®tre, German Michael Balhauz despises operator ekvilibristikoy and removes at the major plans - in detail and conservative, and removes a number of folk artists and honored immediately, that the eyes run. There is only one unfortunate circumstance: Scorsese is back in the film without a criminal Robert De Niro - a true mascot, alter-ego, and a barometer, a key ingredient, which is called the English word В«SPICEВ». The new director muse - a wonderful actor Leonardo Di Caprio - somewhere inside it feels thin and intuitively trying В«to play De NiroВ»: curl mouth, threatening hmuritsya and cautious looks sullenly, but, alas, gives В«OtstupnikahВ» his first serious osechku . Rethink the spectacular image, created in the film, the original Tony Lyunom, giving it its unique character, Leo, unfortunately, failed.

funny that in the film shine just those from whom it is least expected.

usually bound and cornered, Matt Deymon suddenly raspryamilsya, pushed hard and excellent portfolio became remarkably natural and iskrist - percheny text script convincingly and vividly coming out of his mouth in boykom kinoprokatnom dubbing. It was good and Mark Uolberg in the role of facilitator hamovatogo-sergeant, and touching veteran Martin Shin as Captain svyaznika. And, of course, Jackie-battle - shestidesyatidevyatiletny dyed chelovechische.

friend Jack Nicholson actor Tom Sayzmor said recently that the old fellow Jack - the only litsedey of living that can transform the scenario is not suitable even for regional television, the attraction В«oskarnogoВ» fire . A В«dissentersВ» script and so everything was in order, but the old satyr Nicholson managed zapulit for his unattainable level of their tornado umoritelnyh and biting offhand. For the first time its presence osvyativshy frame great Scorsese,

Nicholson issued in the role of the criminal authority of Frank Costello fusion Mephisto, that somewhere between stand-up comic, and В«Boston dushitelemВ», in chips, introduced an ax door В«dissentersВ» and stunning ryavknul all 150 minutes of film: В«Here Jackie!В»

After this market gromoglasnogo none of eminent and distinguished actors have nothing to add it.

Finally, an important remark: it is not necessary to try to compare В«dissentersВ» with other symbolic ribbons Scorsese. Returning to his favorite modern urban environment, the great American director withdrew unabashedly entertaining ostrosyuzhetnuyu tape - not the thin psihodramu that hides in the body of criminal sagas, but firmly whipped, chic police thriller, which in view of the soul becomes vigorously and fresh.

Text: Alexei Prostyakov

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