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The real estate market is not able to speak.

The authorities are trying to halt the rise in property prices, but recent data confirm that the housing expensive. Most likely, it will get up, at least until the end of the year.

As clarified «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», despite the expectations and wishes of the authorities, no revolutionary changes in the market of residential property until the end of the year will not occur. All the trends projected even in spring and summer, is justified and is unlikely to change quickly. Thus, the shortage of proposals on the housing market remains flat and prices are still rising, the truth is slower than in the first half. It seems that in the next year, the market will be formed in the proposal --

other words, with almost any price the buyer of real estate is not a problem.

overall situation with the housing market today, experts described as improving, but not sufficiently - for example, even the expensive apartments Muscovites and residents of other major cities is still lacking. The head of the center «Indicators of real estate market» Oleg Repchenko described the state of the market: «noticeable reduction began in the autumn of last year, and before the start of this year, it was within the limits of market fluctuations. This year the reduction has taken a considerable extent, due to a reduction in the number of new buildings on the market ». According to Repchenko, «the most critical size reduction achieved by the end of spring, when it decreased by 2 times compared with last year».

Therefore, the expert believes that outweighed demand and continues to outweigh the offer several times.

«On the proposal of the market was very different information, but in any event the proposal is not growing strongly, as confirmed by all the experts, not so long ago, attending the Moscow conference analytical realtors association. The proposal from the beginning of autumn, had grown up about 10%, but this is traditionally a seasonal increase - the economic climate-based to a time when people return from holidays. Therefore, while we can not speak about the formation of such a trend », - sure Repchenko.

CEO «Inkvartstroy» Igor Grigorian agrees with colleagues: «The demand is now much more proposals. If the proposal was great, the prices would fall, would be a market of buyers, and now vice versa ». The expert believes that the recent sharp increase in the market has not happened, in particular, because of the entry into force of the famous law number 214, which prohibits builders sell more nepostroennye area. For example, a temporary «margin», during which you want to do a project estimated to pass examination and construction project. All these procedures require 1-1,5 years, and only after the implementation of the new law allows the developer to publish the advertisement offers. According to Grigorian, there is another reason affecting the deficit suggestions:

«A great number of sites around the country hung in cases deceived investors in which the problems have remained unsolved».

deficit touched and market high-end housing. «Demand for expensive housing market today, significantly outstripping supply. The gap is 50-60%. Apartment in the finished houses, which were put on the market 2-3 years ago, almost no », - considers Hope Ramazanova, head of the department of primary sales of municipal real estate company Soho Realty. In her opinion, buyers are in any real estate: «Price variation on objects expensive real estate today - from $ 7 thousand to $ 28 thousand per square meter. The increase in prices since the beginning of the year as a whole road segment was 70% (monthly growth - 10-12%). The increase in prices in the long run will continue. Significant price increases in the area of primary sales of urban housing have a high activity in the market: Since January the number of transactions per month increased to 10-15% ». This Ramazanova believes that in total sales increased slightly the number of investment transactions (purchase of an apartment with a view to resale). However, the share of such deals is not higher than 15%, because to say that it is buying the investment in the real estate market triggered an increase in prices is not entirely true.

only a fundamental change in the market, which experts say is linked to the dynamics of price growth. «Home prices rose almost 2 times this year, and, indeed, now the pace of price growth slowed.

If spring prices rose by 10% a month in the summer - to 5%, it is now - at 3-4%.

So in September showed that despite the game vendors to increase, the market will not improve this takes. The dynamics shows that an increase in the price, even for a week, the percentage of the market is no longer pulls. - Considers Repchenko. - But it is far from stagnant market. Of course, the market has been hampered by six months, but very reluctantly ». This Repchenko still confident that by the end of this year's price rise will stop.

Director-General of IP «Scan Rialti» Alexey Ivanov confirms marked trend, but also stresses that the situation can be «very loosely described as the stagnation in the market».

Strengthening talk about that house prices unreasonably high, market players have been linked to high politics.

It seems that the main reason for this information war against expensive housing to be considered a large-scale advertising campaign ÎÁÃÐÒÏÅËÔÁ «Affordable Housing». However, experts point out that some conversations situation has not changed - in the next year prices will be determined by the amount of housing built.

«Next year will depend on the number of offers in the market». - Convinced Grigoryan. This expert believes that the impact of market power can also bring some of the results: recall that the General Prosecutor's Office has recently asked the Federal Antimonopoly Service to check the validity of prices in the housing market. Therefore, the expert believes that at the beginning of next year, the market may come to «a balanced situation, the price-offer». But now talk of a stabilization or fundamental changes in the market do not have to.

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